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Vintage Rock Issue 42 (July-August 2019)

Vintage Rock Issue 42 (July-August 2019)

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Anniversaries aplenty in this Vintage Rock issue, from neo-rockabilly pioneers Robert Gordon and Matchbox, plus of course, the Stray Cats, to the Father of Rock'n'Roll himself, Chuck Berry. It was 40 years ago this year that three like-minded New Yorkers rallied together as Stray Cats, headed over to the UK, and immediately made their presence known. This issue we chat to frontman Brian Setzer to discuss their rapid ascent and the recent reunion that's been a very long time coming. Thankfully, with new album 40, the neo-trio return to the incendiary sound that first brought them to the ears of the masses. There's plenty more too, including interviews with Narvel Felts, Marty Wilde, John Lewis and the late, great R&B singer-producer Andre Williams, who passed away earlier this year. Add all of the usual news, reviews and rock'n'roll acoutrements and it's an unmissable issue.

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