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Various - Sharon Signs To Cherry Red Independent Women 1979-1985 (CD)

Various - Sharon Signs To Cherry Red Independent Women 1979-1985 (CD)

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2016 two CD collection. RPM proudly presents a compendium of the demo cassette generation from the early 1980's, filtered through (principally British) independent women of the post-punk era. Sharon Signs To Cherry Red began life as the archetypal independent single released on the obscure Lowther International label by archetypal independent act, The Kamikaze Pilots, the review of whom by Danny Kelly, NME gives us the starting point: "Disturbingly, also from Norwich... comes this plaintive tribute to/assassination of all the earnest misery gobs ever signed to Cherry Red's roster, with particular reference to the Tracey Thorn pantheon". What was a gentle mocking of The Marine Girls et al is now being hailed by RPM as a noteworthy offering in its own right, suggesting it represents a defining group of female voices from the period who performed and recorded in all manner of genre and styles. As the parent group of RPM Records is Cherry Red Records, the once mocked is now able to celebrate one and all. Many of these artists were night-time John Peel session regulars, fighting for daytime coverage in the press, walking the fine line of questioning from the NME (hip young gunslingers asking sexual politics) and Smash Hits (Milton Keynes readers asking which hairspray they used). Sharon... ' is an eclectic soundtrack for the early '80s covering post punk, mod revival, '60s revival, independent scene, rockabilly/cowpunk, garage, London soul/funk, reggae dub and commercial pop, pre C86 with its looking back and looking forward, and what it isn't, the extremes of the SAW production line of the late '80s and another era entirely. The DIY culture described in our title song is illustrated on the compilation through several unreleased demos, of the sort which were common currency in the day, plus many new to CD tracks. 30 years on from Sharon Signs To Cherry Red, Sharon finally signs to Cherry Red with this extensive compilation.

Disc 1
1 The Kamikaze Pilots - Sharon Signs to Cherry Red
2 Dorothy - I Confess
3 Marine Girls - Hate the Girl
4 Grab Grab the Haddock - Nothing You Say
5 The Avocados - I Never Knew
6 Scream and Dance - in Rhythm
7 Ingrid - the Jam Jar Song (Formerly Sister Slow)
8 The GTS - Boys Have Feelings Too
9 Margox - Jimmy's Grin
10 Jaqui and Jeanette - 194 Radio City
11 Twa Toots - Please Don't Play a Rainy Night in Georgia
12 Strawberry Switchblade - Seaside (Go Away)
13 The Twinsets - Heartbeat
14 Mari Wilson with the Imaginations - If That's What You Want
15 The Candees - Little Miss Rainbow
16 April and the Fools -You Do
17 The Flatbackers - Buzzz Going Round
18 Helen and the Horns - Pioneer Town
19 The Shillelagh Sisters - Teasin' Cheatin' Man
20 The Gymslips - Big Sister (It's Probably Better)
21 Dolly Mixture - How Come You're Such a Hit with the Boys Jane? Coming Up Roses - I Could Have Been Your Girlfriend
22 The B Girls - Jealousy

Disc 2
1 Dawn Chorus and the Blue Tits -Teenage Kicks
2 Family Fodder - Debbie Harry
3 Tracie - the Boy Hairdresser
4 A Craze - Wearing Your Jumper
5 Vivien Goldman - Launderette
6 Red Roll on - Wet Blanket
7 The Mo-Dettes - Masochistic Opposite
8 The Petticoats - Normal
9 Janet Armstrong - Exploitation
10 Trixie's Big Red Motorbike - a Splash of Red
11 Sarah Goes Shopping - Summer Blues
12 Sunset Gun - Be Thankful for What You've Got
13 Dee Walker - Jump Back
14 Eleanor Rigby - I Want to Sleep with You
15 The Mockingbirds - Money
16 Jane Kennaway & Strange Behaviour - I.O.U
17 Rexy - (Don't) Turn Me Away
18 Amy and the Angels - I Hate Being in Love
19 Pride of the Cross - Tommy's Blue Valentine
20 The Delmonas - Woa Now
21 Jane (& Barton) - I Want to Be with You
22 Kamikaze Sex Pilots - Sharon's Been Deflowered and Defoliated

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