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Various - Rockin' With The Krauts: Real Rock 'n' Roll Made In Germany Vol 3 (CD)

Various - Rockin' With The Krauts: Real Rock 'n' Roll Made In Germany Vol 3 (CD)

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Third installment in the 'Rockin' With The Krauts' mini-series on Bear Family Records.

A whopping 33 tracks from 1956-'67 -- R'n'R in its purest form, including twist rockers, jivers, beat rockers and rock & roll instrumentals. Including Freddy Quinn with At The Hop, indo rockers Jimmy Ward & His Real Rockers with Susi Twist, the Rivets with a sizzling version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight and the Odd Persons with their smash instrumental Odd's Boogie! Super cover versions and interpretations of US tunes like Hats Off To Larry, King Creole, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, Trouble In Paradise and King Of The Whole Wide World! Besides little known artists like Christa Casper, Fred Jasper, the Pipelines and the Rickets, you'll hear recordings by popular singers like Ted Herold, Rita Pavone, the Rattles or Tony Sheridan. Many original singles are sought after, hard to find and often very expensive! Nine tracks officially available on CD for the first time! The German language, informative and very entertaining accompanying essay was written by Roland Heinrich! The Krauts Are Rockin' - it goes on! 'Hail, Hail Rock 'n' Roll - Deliver Me from the Days of Old' had Chuck Berry screaming imploringly to the heavens, and in stuffy post-war Germany he spoke from the soul of countless youngsters. While the church, law enforcers and the politically retarded countered the wild hordes of semi-starlets and hedonistic teenagers with perfidious tricks and brute force, a very unique German variant of rock & roll emerged. The writers and musicians were particularly taken with the twist. In the USA, one dance style chased the next, while in Germany, people continued to compose twist. So we were spared grotesque quick-fire creations like the 'Wattenscheid Watusi' and the 'Fürst Metternich Madison'. Bear Family Records® presents with the third part of 'Rockin' With The Krauts' rare, forgotten and even totally wacky tunes!

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