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Various - Just A Bad Dream: Sixty British Garage & Trash Nuggets 1981-1989 (CD)

Various - Just A Bad Dream: Sixty British Garage & Trash Nuggets 1981-1989 (CD)

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Three CD set. 2018 release charting the UK's 1980s Garage Rock revival, otherwise known as Trash. All of the key players! Including Thee Milkshakes, The Sting-Rays, The Cannibals, The Prisoners, The Barracudas, The X-Men, The Tall Boys, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Meteors, The X-Men, The Playn Jayn and many, many more. Sixty of the finest must-have scene hits, lesser known deep cuts and underexposed nuggets. Produced in association with The Sting-Rays' Alec Palao, Fusing that sound with elements of the pre-Fab Four, Psych, Mod, Rockabilly and Psychobilly, and greasing the wheels of this new machine with a thick slab of post-punk sensibility, bands across the UK began to shout and holler like they hadn't in years, capturing their work on often rough and ready recordings, issued on Big Beat, Hangman, Hit Records, Media Burn, Creation and other equally fried labels. From London, Medway and the South East to Edinburgh and beyond, the Trash movement spread, quickly reaching out into mainland Europe and beyond. In the UK, Trash finally enjoyed it's moment in the sunshine in 1984.

Disc 1
1 Little By Little - Thee Mighty Caesars
2 Submarine Song - the Cannibals
3 Next Time Around - the Barracudas
4 June Rhyme - the Sting-Rays
5 Hup Two Three Four - Sid Presley Experience
6 What I Want - the Prisoners
7 Just a Bad Dream - the Bugs
8 A Glimpse - the Green Telescope
9 Writhing on the Shagpile - the Dentists
10 Go Gorilla - Ug and the Cavemen
11 I Hear Noises - the Vibes
12 The Whole World Is Turning Brouchard! - Biff Bang Pow!
13 Drive Me Wild - the Aardvarks
14 Get What I Can - the Margin of Sanity
15 Little Miss Misfit - the Discords
16 Dirty Jean - the Mild Mannered Janitors
17 125 - Blow-Up
18 Stroll on - Auntie Vegetable
19 Mr Unreliable - the Inmates
20 Just Call Me Sky - Naz Nomad and the Nightmares

Disc 2
1 You Can't Polish a Turd - Sexton Ming
2 Munsters Theme - the Escalators
3 Vegetable Man - the Jesus and Mary Chain
4 Ride This Torpedo - the Tall Boys
5 Don't Let Her Dark Your Door - the Thanes
6 The Crusher - Bananamen
7 Talk - the X-Men
8 I Want That Girl - Emptifish
9 I Don't Care - the Morticians
10 Swamp Thing - the Meteors
11 What's Happening - Jasmine Minks
12 And in England They're Going Mental - Nutmeg
13 Livin' in My Own Nightmare - Prime Movers
14 Fever in My Pocket - the Mindreaders
15 Nervous Breakdown - King Kurt
16 I Know You Lied - the Stayrcase
17 One More Letter - the Daggermen
18 Waiting Nation - the Psylons
19 The Dead - the Wigs
20 Young Blood (Live) - Thee Headcoats

Disc 3
1 You Weren't Born You Were Created (Live) - the Playn Jayn
2 Brand New Cadillac - Thee Milkshakes
3 Don't Be Sorry - the Surfadelics
4 Too Far Gone - Marionette
5 No Great Shakes - the Beatpack
6 Rock and Roll Traitor -The Unholy Trinity
7 He Tells Me He Loves Me - the Delmonas
8 La Juice - the Wolfhounds
9 Garbagebrain - Revolving Paint Dream
10 Leave Me Alone - Clapham South Escalators
11 My Emancipation - the Primevals
12 Shelter from the Rain - Change Lings
13 Plutonium Mind Shock - the Surf Rats
14 The Curse - the Golden Horde
15 So It's Not to Be - the Delmontes
16 Farmer John - the Gruff Men
17 The Hell Train - the Krewmen
18 Hellhag Shuffle - Sunglasses After Dark
19 Ringing in My Ears - the Jackals of Fresh Kid
20 This Is the End of the World (Demo) - the Screaming Dead

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