Various - 3x4 (The Bangles, The Three O'Clock, The Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade) (LP)

Various - 3x4 (LP)

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2xLPs on multi-colored psychedelic swirl color vinyl.

3 x 4 is a celebration of L.A.'s Paisley Underground scene of the mid-80s featuring four of the scene's most notorious bands each covering the songs of the others - four bands covering three songs each - "3 x 4" get it? The bands are The Bangles, The Three O'Clock, The Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade. These are brand new 2018 recordings.

Side B
1 Getting Out of Hand - the Three O'Clock
2 Real World - Rain Parade
3 Hero Takes a Fall - the Dream Syndicate

Side R
1 You Are My Friend - the Dream Syndicate
2 Talking in My Sleep - the Bangles
3 What She's Done to Your Mind - the Three O'Clock

Side T
1 Jet Fighter - the Bangles
2 She Turns to Flowers - the Dream Syndicate
3 As Real As Real - Rain Parade

Side D
1 Tell Me When It's Over - the Three O'Clock (Long Version)
2 That's What You Always Say - the Bangles
3 When You Smile - Rain Parade