The Twelve Steppes - Deep North

The Twelve Steppes - Deep North

Twelve Steppes
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The Twelve Steppes - Deep North Read-along CD and magazine; 70 min and 50 pages.

Among other things, a pilgrimage made to a suburb of Detroit, Michigan to eke out a living in the dead of one winter yielded this 50 page array of revealing texts and revolting relays... Guided odyssey in sight and sound... intact with CD audio companion featuring thematic musical schemes, songs, stories, audio voyeurism and damaging MidWestern radio interceptions... intricately designed withmuch use of "field recordings." Exposing, relaying dutifully GIVING you an inside look at the insides and entrails of an American city today! - In vivid read-along format.

This is the Twelve Steppes debut album, also featuring music and sound from Mono Pause, Clem Fortuna and Twish.

The shape of things that have passed the state of things to come to pass.