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Shindig! Compendium (2019)

Shindig! Compendium (2019)

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Hello and a big warm welcome to the Shindig! Compendium!

Although we suspect longtime readers will have bought this handsome edition to file alongside a hundred or more Shindig! publications in their collections, there will also be many casual punters, who have no idea who we are, and picked up and purchased this compendium on the strength of the celebrated artists featured on the cover.

Hot on the heels of our highly-regarded (and out of print) annuals, we've trawled the Shindig! archives and pulled together the biggest names in '60s and '70s music to have received the Shindig! treatment. Reediting and proofing these has filled this fan with joy. What great artists we've covered. It's easy to forget the wealth of material we have run in our pages over the years.

Re-designed with new illustrations, these previously published pieces have now been given a new lease of life, and serve as the perfect primer for the monthly magazine itself.
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