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The Long Ryders - Final Wild Songs (CD)

The Long Ryders - Final Wild Songs (CD)

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2016 four CD collection. The Long Ryders were formed by several American musicians influenced by Gram Parsons and The Byrds, with country and punk rock influences. The band featured Sid Griffin on guitar, autoharp, and bugle, Stephen McCarthy, guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, and banjo, Des Brewer, as bassist, (later replaced by Tom Stevens) and Greg Sowders, playing drums and percussion. With a sound reminiscent of Gram Parsons, Buffalo Springfield and The Flying Burrito Brothers, but with a harder edge, they anticipated the alternative country music of the 1990s by a decade. This career overview has been compiled with both Sid Griffin and Tom Stevens from original tapes (where they exist) - Sid has contributed a track by track breakdown for the set. The set features all the original albums as well as demos, singles and rare live recordings. Re-mastered by Andy Pearce, the recordings and in Sid's opinion have never sounded so good. A new booklet designed by Phil Smee contains many rare photos and memorabilia.

Disc One: 1983-1984
1 Join My Gang
2 You Don't Know What's Right
3 10/5/60
4 And She Rides
5 Born to Believe in You
Native Sons
6 Final Wild
7 Ivory Tower
8 Run Dusty Run
9 (Sweet) Mental Revenge
10 Fair Game
11 Tell It to the Judge on Sunday
12 Wreck of the 809
13 Too Close to the Light
14 Never Got to Meet the Mom
15 I Had a Dream
Unreleased/Rare Tracks
16 Masters of War
17 Black Girl - Acoustic May-June 1984
18 Wreck of the 809 - Acoustic May-June 1984
19 Further Along - Acoustic May-June 1984
20 The Rains Came - CBGBS April 1984
21 You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover - West End, Chicago Nov 1984

Disc 2: 1985
State of Our Union
1 Looking for Lewis and Clark
2 Lights of Downtown
4 Mason-Dixon Line
5 Here Comes That Train Again
6 Years Long Ago
7 Good Times Tomorrow, Hard Times Today
8 Two Kinds of Love
9 You Can't Ride the Boxcars Anymore
10 Capturing the Flag
11 State of My Union
12 Southside of the Story
13 Child Bride
14 If I Were a Bramble and You Were a Rose
Unreleased/Rare Tracks
15 Looking for Lewis and Clark - Ogwt
16 Lights of Downtown - Captain's Mix, Island Studios
17 Capturing the Flag - Captain's Mix, Island Studios
18 Christmas in New Zealand - State of Our Union
19 Encore from Hell

Disc 3: 1986
Two-Fisted Tales
1 Gunslinger Man
2 I Want You Bad
3 A Stitch in Time
4 The Light Gets in the Way
5 Prairie Fire
6 Baby's in Toyland
7 Long Story Short
8 Man of Misery
9 Harriet Tubman's Gonna Carry Me Home
10 For the Rest of My Days
11 Spectacular Fall
12 Ring Bells
Unreleased/Rare Tracks
13 17 Ways
14 Basic Black
15 Pushin' Uphill
16 How Do We Feel What's Real
17 He's Got Himself a Young Girl (And He Can't Keep Up)
18 He Can Hear His Brother Calling
19 Sad Sad Songs
20 Flak Jacket
21 Blues Theme

Disc Four: Live 1985
1 Mason Dixon Line
2 Time Keeps Traveling
3 (Sweet) Mental Revenge
4 Run Dusty Run
5 You Don't Know What's Right
6 As God Is My Witness
7 Ivory Tower
8 I Can't Hide
9 Masters of War
10 Wreck of the 809
11 Good Times Tomorrow, Hard Times Today
12 Six Days on the Road
13 Southside of the Story
14 Still Get By
15 Tell It to the Judge on Sunday

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