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Sight and Sound Volume 33 Issue 6 (Summer 2023)

Sight and Sound Volume 33 Issue 6 (Summer 2023)

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Sight & Sound Volume 33 Issue 6 (Summer 2023) Wes Anderson

“Feeling bamboozled by a Wes Anderson film is not a new occurrence – but that sense of exhilaration is something unique in his filmography, with the giddy sense it creates of watching a universe unfold in front of you.” So writes Isabel Stevens to introduce her cover interview with Anderson, whose newest creation Asteroid City is as detail dense and painstakingly conceived as ever. Their in-depth conversation results in what Stevens calls “an Asteroid City almanac.”

From Asteroid City to… Archive City. We handed Anderson the keys to the Sight and Sound vaults, allowing him to select articles from the magazine’s 91-year history. Most of his choices directly relate to his latest film, while others are included because they are about filmmakers he has long admired – such as Satyajit Ray, whose work he has acknowledged has helped make him the director he is today.

Elsewhere in a bumper double issue: all of the latest from Cannes, including: interviews with Warwick Thornton and Cate Blanchett for The New Boy, and Jim Jarmusch for his new scores for Man Ray films; looks at new films from Scorsese, Erice and Godard; and all of our recommendations, discoveries and disappointments from the festival.

Plus: a look at how AI is impacting cinema; David Thomson on action movies and masculinity; Fyzal Boulifa on his sophomore film The Damned Don’t Cry; and much more...

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