Shindig! Magazine Issue 102 (April 2020) - Beau Brummels

Shindig! Magazine Issue 102 (April 2020)

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Shindig! Magazine Issue 102 (April 2020)


Barnabus Warwickshire '70s heavies unearthed
The Hollies Bobby Elliott's Californian memories
Neil Innes The remarkable career of a singular talent
Rod McKuen The many sides of a true musical maverick
Supersister Brilliantly bonkers prog, Dutch-style


Shindiggin': What's hot on the turntable
Thoughts & Words: Your letters, tweets and emails
It's A Happening Thing: Espers, The Sonic Dawn, Michael Rault, A Girl Called Eddy, Eyelids, elvinyl, Pink Floyd, Jack Sharp, Saba Lou, competition
Happening Right Now: Brand new music from The Small Breed, Extraa and Magick Brother & Mystic Sister
Family Album: The Rain Parade's influential 1983 LP Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
Deep Cuts: Sixties Cat Stevens
20 Questions: Graham Day's modest recollections of The Prisoners and beyond
Reviews: The best in reissues, new releases, books and live shows
Vinyl Art: Astrud Gilberto's I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do

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