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Record Collector Issue 548 (September 2023) 1973's Amazing Live Debut Albums

Record Collector Issue 548 (September 2023) 1973's Amazing Live Debut Albums

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Record Collector Issue 548 (September 2023) 1973's Amazing Live Debut Albums

LIVE 1973 - Throughout the early 70s, live albums grew in popularity as a showcase for artists’ work, to the point where they broke many of them into the mainstream. In 1973 alone there were a host of captivating first forays made into stage recordings. Here’s our pick of them
ALICE COOPER - More than half a century after he shocked pop pickers on both sides of the Atlantic with his gore-spattered antics, and fired up a generation with School’s Out, the gothfather of sh(l)ock-rock remains in fine fettle at 75, with a new album ready to drop
TOM WAITS - As Swordfishtrombones turns 40, we look at the impact its creative left turn had on this singular songwriter’s career, via an album-by-album overview of a wildly original body of work
MANFRED MANN - Paul Jones celebrates the 60th anniversary of the band he helped form, with help from fellow Mann men, Mike D’Abo and Tom McGuinness
JANIS IAN - After a career featuring no shortage of highs and lows, the former teenage songwriting sensation was preparing for a triumphant ‘farewell’ tour... until a new misfortune left her (literally) speechless
THE SHRINE LABEL - This 60s soul label, formed in 1964 but consistently hit-free during its original lfetime, has grown in reputation over the past half-century, to the point where we can pick out its 20 most collectable releases.
FROM THE VAULTS - Revisiting the riches newly repackaged on box sets, reissues and compilations by the Fun Boy Three, Primal Scream and many more
NEW ALBUMS - New releases by PiL, The Pretenders and Sigur Ros are among the LPs given our close critical attention
BOOKS AND MOVIES - including Will Sergeant’s second memoir and a documentary about Hipgnosis
SINGLES - Including Beck and Sid Vicious releases, plus One Thousand Violins’ Peel sessions on 10". What do you mean, ‘who?’
LIVES - Interpol, KISS and Simply Red. Sadly not all on the same stage at once.

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