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Record Collector Issue 541 (February 2023) 1973: Soul's Brilliant Year

Record Collector Issue 541 (February 2023) 1973: Soul's Brilliant Year

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Record Collector Issue 541 (February 2023) Innervisionaries! 1973: Soul's Brilliant Year

1973 SOUL - Nominations for the finest year for soul, funk and R&B? To the usual address, please. But for now, we’ve picked 73 albums that made 1973 an exceptional 12 months for these and their closely related genres.
JOAN ARMATRADING - Fifty years on from her debut, the trailblazing peformer celebrates a recent return to the Top 10 and talks us through her career to date
DAVY HENDERSON - The Fire Engines, Win and Nectarine No 9 songwriter tells RC how he repeatedly turned post-punk acclaim into cult-bound commercial failure
VINTAGE TURNTABLES - In the market for a record deck from the 70s or 80s to play your ‘heritage’ releases? You can pick one up pretty cheaply. Here’s our guide...
THAT PETROL EMOTION - These Irish-American pioneers of the indie-dance sound shoulda been chart contenders on their mid-80s emergence. What happened?
MICKEY JUPP - After emerging from the swamps of Southend, this irascible pub rock maverick did his best to avoid mainstream success – but we still can’t help loving him
FROM THE VAULTS - New Order, Marc Almond and Bob Dylan are among those touting tempting reissues and box sets
NEW ALBUMS - The Waeve, Young Fathers and Mozart Estate (aka Felt’s Lawrence) have LPs starred and feathered
BOOKS - New volumes about Elvis, Jimi and Sonny Rollins given a flick through
FILMS/DVDS - Sparlehorse doc
SINGLES - 7"s from The Soup Dragons, the Stones and indeed Dolly Parton
LIVES - Acts ranging from Saxon to Level 42 witnessed treading the boards recently

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