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The Crippled Pilgrims - Down Here: Collected Recordings (1983-1985)

The Crippled Pilgrims - Down Here: Collected Recordings (1983-1985)

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Crippled Pilgrims is the perfect example of a band who seemingly went unnoticed during their lifespan, but now sound as contemporary as anything being released today. How and why a band this good somehow managed to sneak under the critical and popular radar during their heyday is difficult to understand. We're not sure it makes any difference, as long the magic they committed to tape is finally available again for music lovers to enjoy now and for years to come.

Although the original master tapes have been lost, we've managed to track down virgin vinyl copies of both their EP and album, and each has been meticulously re-mastered and presented here along with two rare bonus tracks.

If, like us, you love this music as much as anything you've ever heard, please help spread the word. We believe Crippled Pilgrims have gone missing long enough!

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