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Prog Magazine Issue 106 (February 2020) Neil Peart

Prog Magazine Issue 106 (February 2020) Neil Peart

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We pay tribute to the late great Neil Peart in the new issue of Prog. The Rush drummer sadly died while we were working on the new issue of Prog so we honour his memory here.

There are also new and exclusive interviews with Soft Machine, Oliver Wakeman, Mariana Semkina, District 97, Godsticks, 65daysofstatic, Marko Hietala, Exploring Birdsong, Moon Duo, A Formal Horse, Nicolas Godin, The Far Meadow and more. Plus the Prog Magazine writers' tips for 2020. And music from The Tirill, M-Opus, How Far To Hitchin and more on the free CD...

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