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Pernice Brothers - Overcome By Happiness (Dlx LP)

Pernice Brothers - Overcome By Happiness (Dlx LP)

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Sealed. 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. Orange & White Splatter vinyl.

“You don’t want your stuff to vanish,” says Joe Pernice about the twenty-fifth anniversary reissue of Overcome By Happiness. “Not that I’m looking to get famous, but you need to connect with the world. There’s something that reaffirms your own life in that echo that comes back to you—even if it’s your own voice coming back.”

The story of Overcome By Happiness is one of great risk and greater payoff. It’s the story of a disgruntled country singer struggling to define himself against prevailing musical trends. It’s the story of a songwriter just finding his voice, an artist so desperate to express himself that he scrapped one band to form another, risking his record contract and arguably his career to put the sounds he heard in his head onto tape. It’s the story of a musician embracing the sounds of his childhood: AM easy listeni

This time has come for this story to be told on vinyl. Released 25 years later to the day, New West Records is proud to present the remastered 25th anniversary edition of Overcome By Happiness on vinyl. This release features two orange and white splatter LPs held by thumb notch sleeves inside of a hardback book gatefold. The album audio also includes a 13 Track Bonus LP featuring 8 Previously Unreleased Demo Recordings The package features a 52-page book showcasing extensive liner notes, printed lyrics, for

LP 1 / Side 1
1 Crestfallen
2 Overcome By Happiness
3 Sick of You
4 Clear Spot
5 Dimmest Star
6 Monkey Suit

LP 1 / Side 2
1 Chicken Wire
2 Wait to Stop
3 All I Know
4 Shoes and Clothes
5 Wherein Obscurely
6 Ferris Wheel

LP 2 / Side 1
1 Jimmy Coma (1997 Sub Pop Single)
2 Monkey Suit (1997 Sub Pop Single)
3 Square World (1997 Summershine Single)
4 In Plain Sight (1997 Summershine Single)
5 Love My Way (Psychedelic Furs Cover / Clear Spot UK CD Single B-Side)
6 Sick of You (Earliest Sketch Demo)
7 Cut You Free (Demo)

LP 2 / Side 2
1 Overcome By Happiness (Earliest Sketch Demo)
2 Clear Spot (Earliest Sketch Demo)
3 Dimmest Star (Earliest Sketch Demo)
4 Song #2 (The Queen of NYC) (Earliest Demo)
5 Courage Up (Demo)
6 Let That Show (Demo)

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