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Mystic Tide - Frustration (LP)

Mystic Tide - Frustration (LP)

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A raw-nerved hybrid of elemental Merseybeat, lugubrious surf-noir and sheer sonic assault, the remarkable legacy of Long Island's Mystic Tide has long been venerated within the '60s garage rock pantheon, even if their existential racket only slipped out on a series of painfully rare 45s. Now, the fruit of Joe Docko Jr and friends' cottage industry has been refurbished in best-ever sound, along with fresh insights as to how this singular brand of noise came to be.

Side One
1 Frustration
2 Why
3 Running Through the Night
4 Mystery Ship
5 Stay Away
6 I Wouldn't Care

Side Two
1 Psychedelic Journey Part 1
2 Psychedelic Journey Part 2
3 Mystic Eyes
4 I Search for a New Love
5 You Won't Look Back

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