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Mojo Magazine Issue 364 (March 2024) Paul McCartney

Mojo Magazine Issue 364 (March 2024) Paul McCartney

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Mojo Magazine Issue 364 (March 2024) Paul McCartney


EXCLUSIVE! In an emotional and in-depth interview, Paul McCartney relives Wings and their masterpiece, Band On The Run, 50 years on. The haters, the muggers, the lawyers and how he overcame them all. Also in this issue, the magic and madness of The Pogues’ Shane MacGowan; the prog odyssey of Yes’s Jon Anderson; the Black Crowes’ unlikely truce; The Shadows’ Britbeat revolution. Plus: The Blues Brothers; The Jesus & Mary Chain; Les Amazones D’Afrique; Idles; The Smile; Grandaddy; Bill Fay; Dee C Lee; Hurray For The Riff Raff; John Cooper Clarke; Merle Haggard; The Waterboys; and Plush!

THIS MONTH’S COVERMOUNT CD is Jet Powered Pop: 15 tracks of Macca-adjacent powerpop excitement, featuring The dBs, XTC, Brendon Benson, The Lemon Twigs, Teenage Fanclub, Nada Surf and more!

PAUL McCARTNEY Exclusive! Macca’s at his most candid as he speaks movingly on Denny Laine, Linda, Wings and their masterpiece, Band On The Run, at 50. The haters, the muggers, the health scare, the Beatles, and more.

SHANE MacGOWAN The tears, the triumphs and the teeth of a true music original, by biographer Ann Scanlon and bandmate Spicer Stacey. “He was always the coolest of us.”

JON ANDERSON The Yes man on his transformation from teenage soccer wannabe to prog rock superstar. “In my dreams, my name was always Jonathan,” he tells Mark Blake.

GRANDADDYJason Lytle reflects on death, despair and career-ending skateboard injuries: “Nothing straightens you out more than the fear of losing it all.”

THE BLUES BROTHERS From his new book on the comedy skit that breathed new life into R&B and its veteran legends, Daniel de Visé clears away the mounds of cocaine to reveal the truth.

THE SHADOWS The rise, and rise of the backing band turned main attraction and their formative impact on UK rock. Give it up for Cliff Richard and… The Tsetse Flies?

THE BLACK CROWES Out of an unlikely truce between battling brothers Chris and Rich Robinson comes a new album, but how? “We had to get the f**k out of our own way.”

LES AMAZONES D’AFRIQUE The supergroup of African women singers that’s rattling the patriarchies of their homelands. “They need to be heard next to Beyoncé,” says their star producer.

REVIEWED Idles / Green Day / The Smile / J Mascis / Anna Calvi / Brittany Howard / Vera Sola / Nadine Shah / Real Estate / Shed Seven / MGMT / The Waterboys / Lou Reed / Bill Fay Group / Plush / 10cc

PLUS The Jesus And Mary Chain roll away the stone / David Gilmour and Dee C Lee in the studio / John Cooper Clarke retreads the boards / Hurray For The Riff Raff on jail and doo-wop / Scott Fagan – cult hero / Øxn and Jalen Ngonda are Rising / How To Buy… Merle Haggard / Goodbye Geordie Walker, Amp Fiddler, Les McCann / The Move / Shaun Ryder / All back to Bruce Dickinsooooooon’s!

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