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Mojo Magazine Issue 354 (May 2023) David Bowie

Mojo Magazine Issue 354 (May 2023) David Bowie

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Mojo Magazine Issue 354 (May 2023) David Bowie

Note: This is the export edition of Mojo Magazine -- it does not include the cover-mount CD. You will probably have to buy from a UK seller to get the CD (or stream it on Spotify).

ZIGGY STARDUST IS DEAD – long live Aladdin Sane! This month’s MOJO celebrates David Bowie’s momentous 1973, half a century on: a year of iconic lightning flashes, relentless gigging, notable excess, trips on the Trans-Siberian Express and two classic albums. Also in this issue, we join Ray Davies, brother Dave and Mick Avory to reflect on The Kinks at 60; hear about the past, present and future of U2 from The Edge; catch up with our old friends John Lydon, Big Star’s Jody Stephens and Everything But The Girl; and pay homage to the immortal Burt Bacharach. Plus: Alan Hull, Arooj Aftab, A Certain Ratio, Feist, Cat Stevens, Lana Del Rey, The Blue Aeroplanes, The Pretty Things, Robert Johnson, The Voidoids and How To Buy Wilco!

COVER STORY: DAVID BOWIE 1973 dawned with Bowie ascendant, but how could he sustain the trajectory? With two brilliant albums, multiple image upgrades and lots of cocaine. “It was frequently said: ‘David, if you need to go into rehab, go into rehab.’”

THE KINKS The Beat Boom’s Most Difficult Band turn 60. Ray, Dave and Mick recall some of their biggest mishaps and greatest songs: “We didn’t want to fit in.”

THE EDGE From Mount Temple to the Sistine Chapel, U2’s cat in the hat relives the journey: religion, politics, “hopeless optimism” and the curse of the “nurdle”.

BURT BACHARACH An in-depth tribute to the songwriter’s songwriter, with the help of Jimmy Webb, Barry Gibb, Elvis Costello and more. “What he did was alchemy.”

ALAN HULL The late, wry, troubled, ornery genius of Lindisfarne and newly acclaimed solo LPs, unravelled by friends and bandmates: “He could be a right pain in the arse.”

AROOJ AFTAB An extraordinary voice reframing Pakistan’s music traditions is blowing minds, grabbing Grammys, and finding the “alternative universe version” of herself.

BIG STAR / JODY STEPHENS Big Star’s blithe spirit on his troubled bandmates; obscurity, rediscovery and creativity; and how he could conceivably have joined Wings.

A CERTAIN RATIO Post-punk Manchester’s influential indie-samba-house-funk pioneers take MOJO on a magical history tour, from the Russell Club to the Danceteria and beyond.

REVIEWED Everything But The Girl / Lana Del Rey / Ian Hunter / The Long Ryders / Depeche Mode / Natalie Merchant / Rick Wakeman / Mudhoney / Jethro Tull / Eddie Chacon / Jana Horn / The Selecter / The Pretty Things / James Booker / Lee & Nancy / Elton John

PLUS PiL – beyond Eurovision! / Cat Stevens in the studio / Record Store Day’s top treasures revealed / Lisa O’Neill and Sam Burton rise above / Feist in fractals / The Zombies’ Colin Blunstone on Elvis / The Blue Aeroplanes’ return flight / How To Buy... Wilco / Goodbye... Trugoy The Dove

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