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Mojo Magazine Issue 226 (September 2012)

Mojo Magazine Issue 226 (September 2012)

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FREE CD! ELECTRICITY: A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FUTURE OF SOUND: Compiled by Mute's Daniel Miller and starring Can, Moby, Throbbing Gristle, LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk, Caberet Voltaire and many more!ELECTRONIC 50: From Neu! to Hot Chip, Brian Eno to Burial, MOJO writers pick the most important tracks of the mechanical age. Plus: Terry Riley, Manuel Göttsching, Derrick May, Alex Paterson, Martin Gore and Alexis Taylor report from the front-line of the digital music revolution.

DAVID BOWIE: In 1977 the motorik rhythms of German music transformed the mind of the 30-year-old Bowie, reinvigorating his music in the process. Then, in 1993, the singer returned to those strange sounds for a remarkable sonic rebirth. Jon Savage reassesses Bowie's electronic lives.

RAY DAVIES: The wry social chronicler of British song opens his soul to Pat Gilbert on matters of family, theatricality, introspection, image and work.

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE: Pushing the parameters of post-electronic pop, our bright Baltimore brains speak to Will Hodgkinson about their ever-changing sonic objectives.

THE BEAT: They were an early '80s utopian dream of pop-punk reggae socialism (with hits), and they could have conquered the world. Ian Harrison hears how it all went awry.

VAN DYKE PARKS: Child actor, songwriter, lyricist for Brian Wilson, the architect of cosmic Americana regales Danny Eccleston with high tales, wise advice and intoxicating trips.

REVIEWED: Bill Fay / Matthew Dear / Ry Cooder / Dan Deacon / Chilly Gonzales / Frank Ocean / Reggae Box Sets / Ride / Donny Hathaway / Kraftwerk / Muddy Waters + Rolling Stones on DVD / Efterklang live in Sydney / The Stone Roses at Heaton Park and much more.

PLUS! Elizabeth Fraser talks new music / MOJO Rising: Ty Segall + Christian Scott / Mike Oldfield's Rock'n'Roll Confidential / Harry Belafonte speaks / Hugh Cornwell's Self Portrait / Welcome Back Karl Wallinger / MOJO Eyewitness: The Isle Of Wight Festival, 1970.

AND FINALLY... "We played for 24 hours a day for four days" Which band played one of the most epic sets of all time? Find out in the new issue of MOJO!

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