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Mojo Magazine Issue 205 (December 2010)

Mojo Magazine Issue 205 (December 2010)

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FREE CD! DYLAN' SCENE: 15 classic tracks by Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Allen Ginsberg, Bukka White, Dave Van Ronk, Lightnin' Hopkins, Karen Dalton & many more. THE MAKING OF BOB DYLAN!

DYLAN'S NEW YORK: How did a young boho from Duluth, Minnesota become the hip poet of US folk music? Manhattan eyewitness/Dylan biographer Sean Wilentz on Bob's Village university.

DYLAN AND IZZY YOUNG: Good natured owner of Greenwich Village's Folklore Center and firm morris dancing nut, Izzy Young was one of Dylan's first mentors. Kris Needs hears the tale.

DYLAN IN MONO: Legendary Patti Smith guitarist and Nuggets compiler Lenny Kaye revisits the truth of Bob's "single vertical sound".


ALICE COOPER: For the past 40 years Vincent Furnier's rock horror show has starred dead babies, dead chickens and mock executions. Now he's set for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. "I'd love to write a song with Burt Bacharach," he tells Martin Aston.

MIDLAKE: With The Courage Of Others and John Grant's Queen Of Denmark they've made two of the albums of the year. So why do Midlake feel they have failed? Will Hodgkinson is a shoulder to cry on.

DAVID BOWIE: The secret photo-graphic history of rock's greatest chameleon has been unearthed, thanks to the detective work of the Dame's archivist and superfan, Kevin Cann.

BEE GEES: Out of the horror of the Hither Green rail crash and intense sibling rivalry came one of the strangest concept albums of the '60s. Mark Paytress quizzes Barry and Robin Gibb about Odessa.

SOLOMON BURKE: Part showman, part shaman, he was a hard task-master and the undisputed King Of Rock'n'Soul. In this special MOJO tribute, producer, friend and fan Joe Henry remembers the music legend who died in October.

REVIEWED!: Rumer, Wolf People, Brian Eno, Buddy Guy, Jenny And Johnny, The Bees, Warpaint, Giant Sand, Elton John & Leon Russell, Bruce Springsteen, The Jam, The Pretty Things, Orange Juice, Sandy Denny, Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Sullivan, The Fall, Keith Richards' autobiography, Frank Sinatra DVDs, The Wall live, and many more.

PLUS!: Al Kooper's buried treasure, How To Buy The Smiths And Morrissey, Buggles reunite, Zappa special on the way, in the studio with The Horrors and DJ Shadow, The Supremes talk Marvin Gaye, Lennon at 70, on the road with Foals.

AND FINALLY?"I blame Noel for this book" Drummer Tony McCarroll tells his side of the Oasis story.

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