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Mojo Magazine Issue 193 (December 2009)

Mojo Magazine Issue 193 (December 2009)

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FREE CD! THE WALL RE-BUILT: DISC ONE! MOJO celebrates the 30th anniversary of Pink Floyd's dark masterpiece with an exclusive re-recording featuring Sweet Billy Pilgrim, The Young Republic, The Amazing, Astra, Woodpigeon and many more.

PINK FLOYD: It has been his greatest obsession for 30 years, but how does the creator of The Wall view his tormented triumph today? With a Broadway version in the works, MOJO's David Fricke joins Roger Waters for an emotional journey back through time. PLUS! THE WALL LIVE! The inside story of Floyd's legendary 1980 tour!

GENE SIMMONS: In this month's MOJO interview, Kiss's giant frontman talks Bugs Bunny, The Beatles, "pervading pop culture" and conquering the world of rock during 30 years of heavy make-up madness.

NORAH JONES: Her new album, The Fall, saw the jazz-pop superstar hire Tom Waits' engineer and take musical direction from Ryan Adams. "I write best when I'm unhappy," says Norah Jones. MOJO's Will Hodgkinson listens in.

THE SPECIALS: They're back and delighting fans across the country, but how did the ska legends reunite after decades in the wilderness? With the help of the key players, MOJO's Danny Eccleston plots the return of one of Britain's greatest bands.

WOODY GUTHRIE: Bob Dylan called him "the true American spirit", but who was the man that transformed American song? Who was Woody Guthrie? MOJO's Phil Sutcliffe investigates.

DEAD MAN'S BONES: Two Hollywood actors, a childrens choir, a captivating album of spooky ghost songs and a dilapidated Los Angeles theatre. MOJO's Andrew Male meets the creators of Dead Man's Bones...

REVIEWED: 125 albums reviewed and rated! Including - Norah Jones / Where The Wild Things Are ST / John Fogerty / Kid Cudi / Sufjan Stevens / Flight of the Conchords / The Jim Jones Revue / Daniel Johnston / Nirvana / Junior Murvin / Spiritualized & Spacemen 3 / Jessca Hoop / Leonard Cohen and many, many more!

PLUS: All Back To Andrew W.K.'s place / Roger Daltrey talks in live dates / A triple treat from The Fiery Furnaces / Dylan's early Christmas pressie / DIY Jazz art explored / New Lennon biopic imminent / Welcome back Chapterhouse / Stewart Copeland on Sting / In the studio with Midlake / Peter Blake on Miles Davis?

AND FINALLY: What connects Electric Eels, The Cranberries and Les Claypool? MOJO has the answer?

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