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Mercury Rev - Snowflake Midnight (Deluxe Edition) (CD)

Mercury Rev - Snowflake Midnight (Deluxe Edition) (CD)

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Five CDs. Cherry Red Records are proud to unveil a deluxe edition of this relatively recent highlight in the continuing musical story of Mercury Rev, compiled and coordinated by the band's Jonathan Donaghue and Sean 'Grasshopper' Mackowiak. Joining the original album are a second disc of previously unissued outtakes, entitled Hymn Of The Heavenly Snowflake, a third disc cryptically entitled Snowflakes From A Train (again, hitherto unheard) and a fourth disc of live material (again, unreleased until now). Disc 5 offers the first commercial CD outing for Strange Attractor, with the added bonus of those four 12" remix tracks. This expanded edition of Snowflake Midnight is presented as a plush, hardbook book containing original album lyrics, lots of visuals and new sleeve-notes by acclaimed author and journalist Martin Aston.

Disc 1
1 Snowflake Midnight
2 Snowflake in a Hot World
3 Butterfly's Wing
4 Senses on Fire
5 People Are So Unpredictable (There's No Bliss Like Home)
6 October Sunshine
7 Runaway Raindrop
8 Dream of a Young Girl As a Flower
9 Faraway from Cars
10 A Squirrel and I (Holding on... And Then Letting Go)

Disc 2
1 Is That You?
2 Triumphant Elephant
3 Evening Delight
4 The Witches of Mink Hollow
5 Lullaby for Legs Diamond
6 Upstairs at the Continental
7 Brainwave Concerto #12 at John Zorn's Place
8 Cfny in the Mid Eighties (Sounds Like)
9 The Recurring Dream of Marv Levy
10 Belles of Kingston
11 The Flying Saucer
12 Remember That Time When We
13 All Tracks Previously Unreleased

Disc 3
1 Snowflakes from a Train
2 Saturday in the Dark
3 The Fall of Sophia
4 Mayor in a Cathouse
5 The Giant Courthouse Screw
6 4Am Trains Across Kingston
7 Flashback and Freedom
8 Stepping in and Stepping Out
9 Last Train to Poughkeepsie
10 All Tracks Previously Unreleased

Disc 4
1 Snowflake in a Hot World
2 Octobre Sunshine
3 You're My Queen
4 People Are So Unpredictable
5 Butterfly's Wing
6 Dream of a Young Girl As a Flower
7 The Dark Is Rising
8 Senses on Fire
9 All Tracks Previously Unreleased

Disc 5
1 Strange Attractor
2 Love Is Pure
3 Taken Up Into Clouds, Changed, and Rained Down
4 Pure Joie de la Solitude
5 Persistence and the Apis Mellifera
6 Fable of a Silver Moon
7 Loop, Lisse, Loop
8 In My Heart a Strange Attractor
9 Incident on Abeel Street
10 Af Den Fader Kommer Den Sol
11 Because Because Because
12 Nocturne for Norwood
13 Bonus Tracks
14 Butterfly's Wing (Isan Alien Adoption Remix)
15 Senses on Fire (Fujiya and Miyagi Remix)
16 Butterfly's Wing (Carlos Anthony Molina '4 on the Flux' Mix)
17 Senses on Fire (Holden Mix)

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