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Lady Sings the Blues (Holiday, Billie, with William Dufty)

Lady Sings the Blues (Holiday, Billie, with William Dufty)

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Used. Very Good. Cover has some wear, but otherwise looks very nice. Still has attached mail-in reply postcard to become an accountant.

Paperback. Lancer (1965).

Lady Day is what they called her during her bright rise to the top, but Billie Holiday recalls the darker detours and the slide down. In this frank, often brash and brutal autobiography, she reveals how in a moment of shocking revelation she was made aware of the curves - and color - of her flesh. To the wounds of racial prejudice, the insecurities of illegitimacy, and the indignities of poverty, she contributed her own versions of Hell - from the degradation of prostitution to the agonies of drug addiction. Perhaps she lived too much, as many suggest, but live she did. But, when Billie sings of strays, alleycats or caged, walled-in lonely people, she sings with the lyrical and throbbing ring of truth. This is Billie Holiday. This is her story.

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