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Kiss (Duncan, Robert)

Kiss (Duncan, Robert)

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Used. Good+. Cover has some wear, light creasing on the spine, small tear on the back. Pages are intact.

Paperback. Popular Library (1978).

Punk Power! The hips of Elvis and the Beatles' hair used to be thought shocking. Then there was the vicious beat of the Rolling Stones, the sexual put-ons and turn-ons of David Bowie, the calculated craziness of Alice Cooper. But the rock world hadn't seen anything until KISS exploded on the scene. Prancing on their seven inch platform heels, their painted faces leering, smashing down every barrier of good taste, spouting blood and blasting out a sound that splits the ears and slices into the soul, KISS is on top and riding ever rougher and higher. You haven't seen anything until you've seen KISS. And you haven't heard anything until you read the book that goes further than any other revelation in telling their whole incredible, mind-boggling, sense-dizzying, utterly candid story.

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