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High Tide - The Complete Liberty Recordings (CD)

High Tide - The Complete Liberty Recordings (CD)

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Sealed. Three CD set.

Three CD set featuring all of the recordings by progressive rock band High Tide. Featuring the albums 'sea shanties', 'high tide' and an additional cd of demos and studio out-takes recorded in 1969 and 1970. Formed in London in 1969, High Tide featured the intense guitar playing of Tony Hill (formerly with The Misunderstood), the violin and keyboard skills of Simon House, bassist Peter Pavli and drummer Roger Hadden. The band was managed by Clearwater, also home to Hawkwind, Skin Alley and Cochise and were signed to Liberty Records soon after their formation. Their debut album, the stunning 'Sea Shanties' was recorded at Olympic studios and some of the heaviest gothic psychedelic rock record ever recorded. Issued in a striking sleeve designed by artist Paul Whitehead, the album is now regarded as a true classic of the era. Their second album, 'High Tide', was recorded in 1970 and was another wonderful work. Despite their originality both critical acclaim and commercial success eluded the band and by the close of 1970 they had disbanded. Tony Hill would continue to plough his own musical furrow as one of Britain's most original guitarists while Simon House would join the Third Ear Band before becoming a member of Hawkwind. Peter Pavli would go on to join author Michael Moorcock's band Deep Fix. Five decades on from their release, the two albums are now regarded by aficionados of this musical era as essential listening. 'The Complete Liberty Recordings' features both albums released on the label along with ten bonus tracks drawn from demos and studio out-takes from sessions in 1969 and 1970 and has been newly remastered from the original master tapes. The set features an illustrated booklet with an essay and a rare reproduction poster.

Disc 1
1 Futilist's Lament
2 Death Warmed Up
3 Pushed, But Not Forgotten
4 Walking Down Their Outlook
5 Missing Out
6 Nowhere

Disc 2
1 Blankman Cries Again
2 The Joke
3 Saneonymous Bonus Track
4 The Great Universal Protection Racket (Recorded at Morgan Studios 10 April 1970)

Disc 3
1 Pushed, But Not Forgotten (Demo) (Apple Studios March 1969)
2 Death Warmed Up (Demo) (Apple Studios March 1969) 3 Dilemma (Apple Studios March 1969)
3 The Great Universal Protection Racket (Recorded at Olympic Studios 18 June 1969)
4 Time Gauges (Recorded at Olympic Studios 8 July 1969) 6 the Joke (First Version) (Recorded at Olympic Studios May 1970)
5 Blankman Cries Again (First Version) (Recorded at Olympic Studios May 1970)
6 Ice Age (Recorded in 1970)

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