Factsheet Five Zine Reader (R Seth Friedman)

Factsheet Five Zine Reader (R Seth Friedman)

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Zines, those hip, alternative, self-published magazines, have broken out from the obscurity of the underground and found themselves in the spotlight. Zealous readers are turning to zines for smart writing on everything from cutting-edge music to radical politics. With all that's been said about zines, one question still remains: Where the heck can you find them? And even if you dig them up, who has time to read through them all to get to the good stuff?

R. Seth Friedman, super zine sleuth and the head honcho at Factsheet Five magazine, does. Culled from thousands upon thousands of zines, this book features seventy of the best stories, essays, and rants that have appeared over the past few years. These selections are intensely personal, unconventional, and sometimes completely out of this world.

More than just a simple anthology, The Factsheet Five Zine Reader includes original art and covers from the zines, descriptions and histories of the zines, and complete ordering information so you can start exploring this exciting new world on your own.