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Empire Magazine Issue 385 (March 2021)

Empire Magazine Issue 385 (March 2021)

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Empire Magazine Issue 385 (March 2021) The Greatest Cinema Moments Ever

It’s months since we’ve been able to experience cinema as normal – and while streaming release have kept us all going, there’s nothing like sitting in the dark, shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers, seeing a massive new movie on a cinema screen. It remains the ultimate movie experience, not just because of the huge picture and booming sound – but because of what it means to share films with a roomful of strangers, to all be sucked into someone else’s story, united for a few precious hours. This month’s issue of Empire is an incredibly special one – with filmmaker Edgar Wright curating and collating a massive celebration of the cinemagoing moments that brought the house down. He’s enlisted 40 massive names from Hollywood and beyond – plus you, the readers – to break down the most epic multiplex moments ever.

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