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Death of a Rebel, Starring Phil Ochs and a Small Circle of Friends (Eliot, Marc)

Death of a Rebel, Starring Phil Ochs and a Small Circle of Friends (Eliot, Marc)

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Used. Good. Cover has creases, bends and other signs of wear/use. Inside pages have some stains.

Paperback. Doubleday/Anchor Press (1979).

Phil Ochs was called by many the political spokesman for his generation. Through his music, he captured both the spirit ad the conflict of the 1960s. he sang about the troubles of Billie Sol Estes, the plight of the Kentucky coal miners, the assassination of President Kennedy, the madness of the war in Vietnam. By the age of twenty-five, he had recorded three successful albums, toured the worked, married and had a child, and was considered, behind Bob Dylan, the most promising and authentic American folk singer of his time.

Yet, ten years later, he was dead; hanged by his own hand at his sister's house in Far Rockaway, New York, one block from the house he's lived in as a child. He had lost his voice in a strange accident somewhere in Africa. His political interests died with the election of Richard Nixon. His marriage ended in failure, he stopped writing, his records stopped selling.

With this biography, Marc Eliot pieced together the clues to the previously unfitted puzzle of the life Phil Ochs, the Death of a Rebel.

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