Dana Gillespie - What Memories We Make: Complete Mainman Recordings 1971-1974 (CD)

Dana Gillespie - What Memories We Make: Complete Mainman Recordings 1971-1974 (CD)

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UK two CD set. Dana Gillespie first made her name as a teenage singer (and songwriter) in the 1960s, with a string of memorable singles and albums for Pye and Decca. In 1971, she teamed up with David Bowie's management company MainMan, joining Bowie at RCA Records. It would be two years before her next record - but it was worth the wait. Weren't Born A Man was a wonderful amalgam of pop, soul and some wonderful songwriting from Dana. The title track, for example, wouldn't have sounded out-of-place on Dusty In Memphis, while Dana's twist on Bowie's 'Andy Warhol' (the song had actually been written for her) was unique. Dana swiftly followed up with a second album for RCA, Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle. The recordings were bluesier in places than on it's predecessor but still equally impressive. Issued with the full support and involvement of the artist and MainMan, What Memories We Make is the first proper retrospective of Dana's recordings for MainMan/RCA. Many album tracks make their debut on CD and have been joined by a raft of rarities and previously unissued material. All five tracks from the legendary BOWPROMO album from 1971 are included: this was an album circulated by MainMan featuring rough mixes by David Bowie on one side (made prior to him signing with RCA) and Dana Gillespie on the other. Also present is the semi-mythical, previously unheard original demo of 'Andy Warhol' featuring backing vocals from Bowie, and the rare Libido single (issued on Mooncrest in 1973), plus sessions from late 1974 for what would have been Dana's third album for RCA/MainMan.

Disc 1
1 Mother, Don't Be Frightened
2 Andy Warhol
3 Never Knew
4 All Cut Up on You
5 Lavender Hill
6 Stardom Road Part I
7 Stardom Road Part II
8 What Memories We Make
9 Dizzy Heights
10 Andy Warhol
11 Backed a Loser
12 Weren't Born a Man
13 Mother, Don't Be Frightened
14 All Cut Up on You
15 Eternal Showman
16 All Gone
17 Lavender Hill - Alternative Version
18 Never Knew - Alternative Version
19 Hold on to Your Fire
20 Weren't Born a Man

Disc 2
1 Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle
2 Really Love the Man
3 Hold Me Gently
4 Don't Mind Me
5 Pack Your Bags
6 No Tail to Wag
7 Get My Rocks Off
8 Wanderlust
9 Getting Through to Me
10 Never Knew
11 Man Size Job
12 Stoke the Engine -October 1974 Demo
13 Goin' Crazy with the Blues - October 1974 Demo
14 Say Goodnight to the Night - October 1974 Demo
15 Do the Spin - October 1974 Demo
16 Gone at the Game
17 Original Demo
18 Andy Warhol - Original Demo