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Creation - Action Painting (LP)

Creation - Action Painting (LP)

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Sealed. 2-LPs in gatefold sleeve. Red & Black Haze Vinyl.

The Creation were a go. A dynamic band with an equally engaging image, they would burn brightly for less than two years, yet would leave an indelible mark upon music history. With producer du jour Shel Talmy at the helm (The Who, Kinks, Easybeats, Cat Stevens, et al) the Creation went on an incredible two year tear of singles, including “Making Time,” “How Does It Feel To Feel,” “Tom Tom,” and “If I Stay Too Long.” By 1968 it was over. Eddie Phillips’ trademark guitar bowing would be nicked by Jimmy Page and Boney M would cheese-up “Painter Man.”

Over the nearly five decades since, the Creation has seen a tremendous resurgence in interest. First it was the Jam flossing “Making Time” on the inner sleeve of All Mod Cons. A few years later Alan McGee formed the band Biff Bang Pow and his Creation record label. By the turn of the century a new generation had discovered the band via a strategic placement in Wes Anderson’s Rushmore.

A1 – The Creation - Making Time
A2 – The Mark Four - Hurt Me If You Will
A3 - The Mark Four – I'm Leaving
A4 - The Mark Four– Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
A5 - The Mark Four– Going Down Fast
A6 - The Creation – Try And Stop Me
B1 - The Creation – Painter Man
B2 - The Creation – Life Is Just Beginning
B3 - The Creation – The Girls Are Naked
B4 - The Creation – Bonie Maronie
B5 - The Creation – Uncle Bert
B6 - The Creation – Biff, Bang, Pow (stereo)
C1 - The Creation – How Does It Feel To Feel (US version - stereo)
C2 - The Creation – For All That I Am (stereo)
C3 - The Creation – Can I Join Your Band (stereo)
C4 - The Creation – Through My Eyes (stereo)
C5 - The Creation – Nightmares (stereo)
C6 - The Creation – Sweet Helen
D1 - The Creation – If I Stay Too Long (stereo)
D2 - The Creation – Tom Tom (stereo)
D3 - The Creation – Midway Down (stereo)
D4 - The Creation – I Am The Walker
D5 - The Creation – Ostrich Man
D6 - The Creation – How Does It Feel To Feel (UK version - stereo)

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