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Classic Rock Issue 292 (September 2021)

Classic Rock Issue 292 (September 2021)

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Classic Rock Issue 292 (September 2021) Metallica

  • Metallica - By 1991, Metallica were a big fish in a relatively small pond. Then that summer they released the album Metallica. It became a multimillion-selling game changer. Within months the band were catapulted into the super-league. Thirty years on, this is its story
  • Crown Lands - With plenty of current and historical events in their native Canada to fuel their fire and ire, their music wraps punk spirit in a luxury prog package that “draws a lot from Genesis and Yes and Rush”.
  • Janis Joplin - In our exclusive extract and images from her fascinating scrapbook, bandmates, friends and family talk about that voice, her band Big Brother & The Holding Company, and the largely unseen Janis behind the public persona.
  • David Crosby - Drugs can be dangerous. Don’t believe the hype. Global warming is real. America might be doomed. Life is short. Love works. Racists are stupid. These are just some of the things that shape his world view.
  • Also in this issue: Janis Joplin, Manic Street Preachers, The Stranglers, and more...
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