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Classic Rock Issue 288 (June 2021)

Classic Rock Issue 288 (June 2021)

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Classic Rock Issue 288 (June 2021) Paul McCartney


In Issue 288’s cover star is Paul McCartney. In 1971, amid the post-Beatles darkness that threatened to consume him, he created an album that would save his soul: Ram.

Other features include…

Forty years ago, Stevie Nicks stepped out from the chaos and control of Fleetwood Mac with a hit-laden debut solo album that showed she could fly just as high on her own.

Myles Kennedy says always be yourself; hard work takes you to another realm; we all crave the truth; later-life success is good… These are just some of the things that shape his world view.

The guitar ace Ayron Jones is channelling a tough upbringing into a big, grungy, bluesy rock noise – and battling racial stereotypes while he’s at it.

Former Iron Maiden members Paul Di’Anno and Dennis Stratton look back at the band’s early days and the debut album that changed the face of heavy metal.

Country-rock superstar Eric Church returns with a new triple album, optimism for future gigs, and thoughts on getting in hot water three years ago.

Jimi Hendrix’s debut Are You Experienced, pieced together over six frantic months in London, put him on the path to superstardom.

With her Classic Album Sundays, Colleen Murphy spreads her love of vinyl.

Regular features include Paul Stanley, Foo Fighters, Rick Wakeman, Dirty Honeyand more… Plus the biggest rock reviews section on the planet, and a free 100 Greatest Records You Should Own ebook.

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