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Classic Rock Issue 281 (November 2020)

Classic Rock Issue 281 (November 2020)

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Classic Rock Issue 281 (November 2020)

This issue's cover star is Jimmy Page, who talks about life, Led Zeppelin, early days as a session guitarist and a future still to unfold. All this and much, much more in the Classic Rock Interview.

Other features include? We join Joe Bonamassa in Abbey Road studios where he's recording his new album.

Black Sabbath
With exclusive new testimony from Geezer Butler, we look at their classic Paranoid album 50 years on.

Low Cut Connie
For mainman Adam Weiner, music is his religious calling. And what he delivers suggests that maybe the devil doesn't have all the best tunes after all.

Skunk Anansie's Skin says your youth should be a time of rebellion, the man-made part of religion is disgusting, and star quality can't be acquired. And that's not all.

Brothers Osborne
Brothers TJ and John look at some of the artists who shaped them.

Marilyn Manson
Heavy with death, haunted by mental illness but always laced with hope, his new record is a fitting soundtrack to the end of days.

Regular features include Corey Taylor, Rews, Metallica, AC/DC, Judas Priest and more?

Plus: 100 Best Rock Albums Of All Time Ebook, featuring Queen, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses and more. And of course the biggest and loudest rock reviews section on the planet!

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