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Cineaste Vol 45 (XLV) No 4 (Fall 2020)

Cineaste Vol 45 (XLV) No 4 (Fall 2020)

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Cineaste Vol 45 (XLV) No 4 (Fall 2020)
A Century of Films on the Dreyfus Affair, From Melies to Polanski

Articles include: Shannon Murphy Extracts Babyteeth, Her debut feature; Hellma, Zinnemann, Fonda, and Redgrave: Screenwriter Alvin Sargent tells the inside story of Julia and other Hollywood Tales; More Than Moonlight: Cinematographer James Laxton on collaborating with Barry Jenkins; Racism, Resistance, and the Search for Justice in Black Lives Matter Documentaries; A Walk Through the Middle East: Yung Chang on Journalist Robert Fist in This is Not a Movie; and much more!

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