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Burning Man Live: 13 Tears of Piss Clear (Re/Search)

Burning Man Live: 13 Tears of Piss Clear (Re/Search)

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RE: sex, drugs, survival, performance art and social anarchy.

This is a hilarious, tell-it-like-it-is collection of thirteen years of Black Rock City’s ALTERNATIVE newspaper, Piss Clear, which was published by Adrian Roberts on the Playa as Burning Man unfolded each year…Written as Burning Man happened! Reading this book is the next best thing to actually attending Burning Man, and for those who have attended, this book is guaranteed to stir up compelling memories.

RE/SEARCH’S BURNING MAN LIVE (unlike corporate books) gives you the REAL DEAL on Sex-Drugs at Burning Man! On archival paper you can study funny articles WRITTEN at Burning Man, like “Best of Black Rock City,” “Sex and Drugs,” “Playa Fashion Do’s and Don’ts,” “You Know You’re a Burner When…” “Borg Wars,” interviews with Larry Harvey (Burning Man cofounder) and Harley DuBois (Director of Community Services), and introductions by Brian Doherty, Adrian Roberts, and Malderor.

…That liberating Escape into Desert Performance Art. This is the BEST, UNCENSORED guide to the REAL DEAL of attending Burning Man (sex, drugs & other “issues” are DEALT WITH), unlike those other books which romanticize/deify Burning Man.

Printed on lasting paper; lots of typo’s fixed!

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