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Billy Tibbals - Night Life Stories (LP)

Billy Tibbals - Night Life Stories (LP)

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On his sophomore EP 'Nightlife Stories', (produced by Chris Robinson), Billy Tibbals offers a beacon of hope for a new generation of rock fans-an audience he believes is enjoying a resurgence. Tibbals' music brings glam rock to 2024 within a once-again-burgeoning LA rock scene. He explains, "I wanted to make something a little more aggressive. It's called 'Nightlife Stories,' and so it's about seedy creatures of the night." The result is six tracks that are bold, stone cold, and ready to mold the minds of the American youth. With his mop of curls and brazen, spangled outfits, Tibbals is a return to old-school glamor with eccentric hooks and dramatic swings that demand to be heard.

Side One
1 Burn Out!
2 The World Revolves
3 Out of Touch

Side Two
1 Nobody Knows
2 I'll Die
3 Dream Away

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