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Velvet Crush - Stereo Blues

Velvet Crush - Stereo Blues

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Velvet Crush's 6th proper album (7th I suppose, if you want to include Chastain & Menck's pre-VC Hey Wimpus). The duo of Paul Chastain (vocals, guitars, bass, pedal steel, & keyboards) and Ric Menck (drums & guitars) offer a mix of bristling, muscular pop and downtempo, melancholic melodicism that delivers the goods from beginning to end. The band offer a diverse palette of sounds from the pop blast of "Rusted Star" and "Here It Comes" to the hypnotic, guitar heroics and extended groove of "The Connection" to tender heartache of "Fall Awake". This is a song cycle that doesn't lean too heavily on one thing, in preference for providing a little something for everyone.

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