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Velvet Crush - Rock Concert

Velvet Crush - Rock Concert

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Note: This title is also available as part of the Pre-Teen Symphonies release on Omnivore. That release is a better bargain but if you're a Velvet Crush completist...

During our long trek across America with Mazzy Star and The Jesus & Mary Chain we made a stop at Chicago's Cabaret Metro where we were informed the Metro Mobile unit would be taping the show. since we were the opening band on a three band bill we only had about 35 minutes to work our magic, and as usual the odd assortment of goths and socially maladjusted discontents who'd shown up early to secure a good position on the floor to view their idols were a bit hesitant to react to our firebrand rock action. but, we got 'em by the end, and this is as good a representation of our live act as there'll ever be.

Must be played loud!

Thanks, Ric

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