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Wowii - Wowii (LP)

Wowii - Wowii (LP)

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"Just when I thought I was out... Reminder Records pull me back in!!!"

SURELY there couldn’t be MORE unreleased recordings from the 1970’s New York City Street Rock-slash-inchoate punk and proto-punk scenes. SURELY, with recent reissues by the likes of PANDORA, THE HARLOTS OF 42ND STREET, and STARLUST, SURELY every stone had been unturned. SURELY! SURELY, right?



The Miami to New York connection: WOWII! Familiar to most collectors for their trio of fab, self-released singles, WOWII FINALLY get the coming-out-party they so rightfully deserve with an unreleased, full-length LP recorded back during the band’s original heyday. Every bit as essential for fans of the late glitter and glam-to-punk rock transitional styles as MILK ‘N’ COOKIES, THE MARBLES or THE BRATS, these never-before-heard recordings by WOWII should delight and excite both the initiated and the novice alike!

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