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Wire Magazine Issue 475 (September 2023) Don Cherry

Wire Magazine Issue 475 (September 2023) Don Cherry

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Wire Magazine Issue 475 (September 2023) Don Cherry

Inside this issue:

Don & Moki Cherry: An 18 page special surveying the globe-trotting creative achievements of Don Cherry’s organic music family by The Wire’s crack writing team: Frances Morgan, David Grundy, Howard Mandel, Neil Kulkarni, Francis Gooding, Magnus Nygren, Gabriel Bristow, Bill Meyer, Marcus J Moore, Pierre Crépon, Matt Krefting, Phil Freeman, Emily Pothast, Clifford Allen, Clive Bell and Jo Hutton.

The Pitch: The Berlin improvising collective connect the sonic with the social. By Peter Margasak

Invisible Jukebox: GAIKA: Will The Wire’s mystery record selection reduce the London polymath to “Eternal Tears”? Tested by Ciaran Thapar;

Feng Jiangzhou: Experimental rock gets down and dirty in the hands of the Beijing noise veteran. By Anla Li.

Unlimited Editions: Pakapi Records

Unofficial Channels: Ethio-Pain

Aho Ssan: Networking with the Paris based producer. By Antonio Poscic

Powerplant: UK-Ukraine synth punks touch grass. By Spenser Tomson

Janneke van der Putten: Strange overtones from the Dutch vocalist. By Abi Bliss

Global Ear: São Paulo: Tape against tradition in the Brazilian metropolis. By Romulo Moraes

The Inner Sleeve:Suzanne Ciani on Glenn Gould/Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Goldberg Variations

Epiphanies: John Butcher goes deeper underground

Print Run: Queer Blues: The Hidden Figures Of Early Blues Music by Darryl W Bullock; Stampfel On Weber And The Complete Boston Broadsides 1964–1967 by Peter Stampfel; Conrad Schnitzler: Manchmal Art Es In Musik Aus (Sometimes It Turns Into Music) edited by Gregor Jansen; Music Farther Outside: Experimental Music During Brexit And The Pandemic by Bill Shoemaker; Acid Detroit: A Psychedelic Story Of Motor City Music by Joe Molloy; Party Lines: Dance Music And The Making Of Modern Britain by Ed Gillett; Radio Art Zone edited by Sarah Washington

On Screen: Amanda Kim Nam June Paik: Moon Is The Oldest TV; Stewart Morgan Hajdukiewicz A Bright Nowhere: Journeying Into Improvisation

On Location: Doon Kanda, London, UK; Heroines Of Sound Festival, Berlin, Germany; Nkisi, London, UK; Disruptive Frequencies, London, UK; Edith Steyer, Berlin, Germany; DJ Sprinkles + Bézier, New York, US; Tomorrow Festival, Shenzhen, China; Ground Music Festival, Brusati, Italy; King Ayisoba + Ayuuna Sale + ZEA, Berlin, Germany; Experiments In Opera: Anthony Braxton Theater Improvisations, New York, US; Causa Efeito: O Novo Jazz Na Nova, Lisbon, Portugal

On Site: Brian Eno & Jiří Příhoda: Nave; Nwando Ebizie: Extreme Unction Vol 2

Soundcheck: DJ 0.000001, Abyss X, Jason Adasiewicz, Aphex Twin, Titi Bakorta, Baldruin, Natasha Barrett, Han Bennink & Terrie Ex, Big Freedia, Blevin Blectum, John Butcher, John Butcher/Dominic Lash/Emil Karlsen, John Butcher/Pat Thomas/ Dominic Lash/Steve Noble, Broken Chip, Kate Carr, The Chap, Ben Chasny & Rick Tomlinson, Coffin Prick, Coral Sea, Alan Courtis & David Grubbs, Darsombra, Angel Bat Dawid, Arnold Dreyblatt, Nick Dunston, DJ Finale, GAIKA, Gérard Grisey/Anders Tveit/NyNorsk Messingkvintett, Laurel Halo, Joshua Hill & Micaela Tobin, Iceboy Violet, Irreversible Entanglements, Mick Jenkins, DJ K, King Kashmere & Alecs DeLarge, Kong, Mary Jane Leach, Ruth Mascelli, Merzbow/Smegma, Million Square, Minaru, MonoLogue & Matt Atkins, MSSV, Normal Nada The Krakmaxter, Nakibembe Embaire Group, Pauline Oliveros, Pauline Oliveros/IONE/Christopher Willes/Public Recordings, Kassa Overall. Pelicanman, Ava Rasti, Seven)Suns, Six Organs Of Admittance, SLW cc Watt, Smegma/Merzbow, DJ Smiley Bobby, Soft-Bodied Humans, Stinking Lizaveta, Ken Vandermark & Hamid Drake, Winkhaus with Steve Beresford, DJ Znobia, Various ০, Various Gespensterland, Various The NID Tapes: Electronic Music From India 1969–1972, Various Red Hot & Ra: Nuclear War, Various Red Hot & Ra: Nuclear War Remixes, Various Smalltown Supersound Remix Anthology 2002–2022 Vol 1–4

The Boomerang: Da Slyme, Dawson, The Dream Syndicate, Mark Fell & Will Guthrie, Lee/Hampel/Waisvisz/Gosseye/Johansson, Max Roach, David Shea, Various Magnetizdat DDR: Magnetbanduntergrund Ost 1979–1990/East German Tape Underground 1979–1990, Various Playing For The Man At The Door: Field Recordings From The Collection Of Mack McCormick, 1958–1971, Various Richard Sen Presents Dream The Dream: UK Techno, House & Breakbeat 1990–1994, Various SSR Records: In Retrospect

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