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Wire Magazine Issue 469 (March 2023) The Necks

Wire Magazine Issue 469 (March 2023) The Necks

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Wire Magazine Issue 469 (March 2023) The Necks

Inside this issue:

The Necks: Onward, ever onward with the inexhaustible Australian outfit. By Daniel Spicer. Plus: The Necks’ solo projects: Album guide by Bill Meyer.

Marc Hollander: The Crammed Discs founder and Aksak Maboul agitator reflects on his cross-cultural career. By Julian Cowley. Plus: Crammed Discs: Highlights from the catalogue by Clive Bell

Invisible Jukebox: James Brandon Lewis: Will The Wire’s mystery record selection bring a tear to the saxophonist’s Eye Of I? Tested by Brad Cohan.

Širom: The Slovenian avant folk trio make Europe weird again. By Miloš Hroch.

Unlimited Editions: 577 Records

Unofficial Channels: Map Pointz

Debby Friday: Fortune favours the bold Toronto based producer. By Claire Biddles

Avalanche Kaito: The Burkinabe-Belgian trio purvey electronic wisdom. By Phil England

Gamut Inc: The Berlin duo locate the ghost in the machine. By Abi Bliss

El Khat: Lo-fi glory for the Yemeni outfit. By Clive Bell

Global Ear: Athens. Microlabel mania in the Greek capital. By Ioannis Kotsonis

The Inner Sleeve: Mark Wastell on The Specials

Epiphanies: PG Six makes a key discovery

Print Run: Into The Groove: The Story Of Sound From Tin Foil To Vinyl by Jonathan Scott; Heiner Goebbels And Curatorial Composing After Cage: From Staging Works To Musicalising Encounters by Ed McKeon; Blank Slate: Art School Creativity From Punk To New Wave by Simon Strange; Hit Girls: Women Of Punk In The USA, 1975–1983 by Jen B Larson; A History Of The Jamaican Recording Industry Book Three: The Upsetter To The Computer From The Black Ark To Firehouse by Noel Hawks & Jah Floyd; Away From Beloved Lover: A Musical Journey Through Cambodia by Dee Peyok; The “S” Word: Spirituality In Alternative Music by Matthew Ingram; Dancing To The Drum Machine: How Electronic Percussion Conquered The World by Dan Leroy.

On Screen: Carol Law & Charles Amirkhanian Hypothetical Moments: Collaborative Works (1975–1985); Ryan Worsley Stand By For Failure: A Negativland Documentary.

On Location: Asteroid Ekosystem/Julian Curwin’s Midnight Lullaby, Sydney, Australia; San Francisco Tape Music Festival, San Francisco, US; BRÅK, London, UK; The Rolling Calf with Pat Thomas, London, UK; Infrequent Seams, New York, US; Rubbish Music, London, UK; Winter Jazzfest 2023, New York, US; I Will Greet The Sun Again, London, UK; Big Joanie + R AGGS + Ghum, Glasgow, UK; NikNak, London, UK; David Murray Quartet, New York, US; Terraforma x La Bourse de Commerce, Paris, France.

On Site: Roscoe Mitchell Keeper Of The Code: Paintings 1963–2022, Chicago, US; Yasunao Tone Region Of Paramedia, New York, US.

Soundcheck: Avola, Kevin Beasley, John Bence, Douglas Benford, Douglas Benford/Adrian Northover/Isidora Edwards, Douglas Benford/ Blanca Regina/Manuela Barczewski/Steve Beresford, Florence Cats, Decolonise Your Mind Society, Kahil El’Zabar’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Emænuel, Beatriz Ferreyra, Glassine & Sam Haberman, Jean Grae, Lonnie Holley, Jens, Nyokabi Kariũki, Laibach, Langham Research Centre & John Butcher, Large Unit, Machinefabriek, Valentina Magaletti, Valentina Magaletti & Laila Sakini, Meemo Comma, Dorothy Moskowitz & The United States Of Alchemy, Maggie Nicols & Marc Wastell, Tujiko Noriko, Old Spirit, Anthony Pateras Pita/Friedl, P/O Massacre, Quatuor Bozzini, Philip Samartzis, Susana Santos Silva & Fred Frith, Colin Stetson, Submerged, Ibukun Sunday, Max Syedtollan, La Tène, This Friendship Is Sailing, Valerio Tricoli/Werner Dafeldecker/Mattin, US Girls, Wanderwelle, Die Wilde Jagd, Yo La Tengo, YoshimiOizumikiYoshiduO, Zulu, Various Fragile States

The Boomerang: Bourbonese Qualk, Chris Cutler, Paul Dunmall/Paul Rogers/ Tony Orrell, David Dunn, Kate Fagan, Koenjihyakkei, Moss Icon, Necronomicon, Second Layer, Yello

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