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Wire Magazine Issue 466 (December 2022) Richard Pinhas

Wire Magazine Issue 466 (December 2022) Richard Pinhas

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Wire Magazine Issue 466 (December 2022) Richard Pinhas

Inside this issue:

Richard Pinhas: At the age of 71 the French experimental guitarist and Heldon founder is still going all the way out. By Daniel Spicer

The Primer: French underground rock: A user’s guide to the subcultural eruption that belched forth the likes of Heldon, Brigitte Fontaine, Lard Free and Art Zoyd. By Keith Moliné

Weyes Blood: The US vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist delivers apocalyptic visions via deceptively lush avant pop. By Emily Pothast

Invisible Jukebox: Hamid Drake: Will the US drummer get the tempo of The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Bill Meyer.

Unlimited Editions: Dadaist Tapes

Unofficial Channels: DJ M-TRAXXX

Zubin Kanga: New horizons for the composer, pianist and technologist. By Emily Bick

Suzi Analogue: Never Normal for the Miami dancefloor experimentalist. By Neil Kulkarni

Ustad Noor Bakhsh: On the trail of the benju master. By Francis Gooding

Ale Hop: The Peruvian artist negotiates new sonic territories. By Hannah Pezzack

Global Ear: Korean Demilitarised Zone united by music in no man’s land. By James Gui

The Inner Sleeve: Melvin Gibbs on Ornette Coleman’s Dancing In Your Head

Epiphanies: Inside and out with DJ Marcelle

Print Run: Gee Vaucher: Beyond Punk, Feminism And The Avant-Garde by Rebecca Binns; Extreme Music: From Silence To Noise And Everything In Between by Michael Tau; You’re With Stupid: kranky, Chicago And The Reinvention Of Indie Music by Bruce Adams; Sonic Elements: Matrices, Cosmograms, & Ostinatos Of Circularity by Adam Rudolph; Improvising The Score by Gretchen L Carlson; Saxophone Colossus: The Life & Music Of Sonny Rollins by Aidan Levy; Holy Ghost: The Life & Death Of Free Jazz Pioneer Albert Ayler by Richard Koloda

On Screen: Artūras Barysas Restored Short Films 1971–82; Alex Crowton & Bobby Dass This Is Sparklehorse

On Location: No Bounds 2022, Sheffield, UK; Riot Ensemble, London, UK; Gonerfest 19, Memphis, US; Malcy Duff And His Trouser Orchestra + Ecka Mordecai/Ash Reid/Fritz Welch + Rob Churm, London, UK; Meakusma, Eupen, Belgium; Other Minds Festival, San Francisco, US; Skaņu Mežs: 20th Anniversary, Riga, Latvia; The Hearing Experience, London, UK; FutureStops, Toronto, Canada; Terry Day & Friends: Celebrating The Archives, London, UK; Unsound, Krakow, Poland; Juliet Fraser: Wave Songs, London, UK

On Site: Hannah Catherine Jones OWED TO CHIRON (The Wounded Healer); Sonic Acts Biennial 2022

Soundcheck: Abduction, Mike Baggetta/Jim Keltner/Mike Watt, Blut Aus Nord, Yao Bobby & Simon Grab, Tyondai Braxton, Burial, Caïnan Dawn, Xhosa Cole, William Fowler Collins, Adrian Corker, Dale Cornish, Richie Culver, Alex Cunningham/Patrick Shiroishi/Thom Nguyen, Richard Dawson, Giovanni Di Domenico, Giovanni Di Domenico & Zugzwang, Giovanni Di Domenico & Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Kaja Draksler & Susana Santos Silva, Earth Room, Jimmy Edgar, Brunhild Ferrari & Christoph Heemann, Fire-Toolz, Forensic Trio, Carla dal Forno, Frances Pylons, Maxine Funke, Goat, Gotho, Heith, Holodec, The Howling, Ikonika, Isomonstrosity, Keith Jarrett, Molly Joyce, Kode9, Sarathy Korwar, James Brandon Lewis Quartet, Lykotonon, Magma, Moin, Hedvig Mollestad & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Bill Nace, Network Glass & Jason Crumer, Maggie Nicols, Mali Obomsawin, Oort Smog, Oxbow & Peter Brötzmann, Jeff Parker ETA IVtet, Theo Parrish, Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man, Ingrid Plum, Polyphia, Rabit, Say What, Secluded Bronte, Patrick Shiroishi, Susana Santos Silva & Alexandra Nilsson, Rishin Singh with Martin Sturm, Richard Skelton, Stargaze, Stonecirclesampler, Strategy, Pat Thomas, Richard Thomas, Thumbscrew, Devin Townsend

The Boomerang: The Apostles, George Burt, Cerberus Shoal, Essential Logic, Neu!, Jocelyn Pook, Charles Stepney, Thorr’s Hammer, Masahiko Togashi with Don Cherry & Charlie Haden, Virgin Prunes

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