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Various - Wind of Change: Progressive Sounds of 1973 (4-CD set)

Various - Wind of Change: Progressive Sounds of 1973 (4-CD set)

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Sealed. Four CD set.

Digitally remastered clamshell boxed set celebrating the finest musical sounds of so-called progressive rock music of 1973. Five hours of music featuring tracks by Kevin Ayers, Edgar Broughton Band, Budgie, Camel, Caravan, Curved Air, Electric Light Orchestra, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Family, Gong, Greenslade, Hawkwind, Help Yourself, Manfred Mann's Earthband, Nektar, PFM, Pink Fairies, Procol Harum, Nektar, Anthony Phillips, Rare Bird, Renaissance, Al Stewart, Traffic, Darryl Way's Wolf, Yes, and many more. The next release in the series of compilations celebrating so-called "Progressive" rock music concentrating on 1973, another year in which Progressive music in all it's forms would continue to be a dominating force with the album buying public. Much of this music appeared on the "progressive" imprints of major record labels such as EMI's Harvest, Decca's Deram and Philips Records' Vertigo and the emerging independent labels such as Charisma, United Artists and Island Records. 1973 saw a wealth of imaginative artists continue to meld seemingly disparate musical genres and influences such as jazz, blues, folk, rock and classical music on a host of wonderful albums, all of which appealed to an audience of students and rock fans. Universities and Colleges remained regular venues on burgeoning live music circuit in the UK for these artists, most of whom earned loyal followings through regular concert performances both in Britain and in Europe.

Disc 1
1 Slow Yourself Down - Camel
2 Decadence - Kevin Ayers
3 Jerusalem - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
4 Check Out - Family
5 Evening Blue - Traffic
6 River of Life - PFM
7 In Old England Town (Boogie No. 2) - Electric Light Orchestra
8 Memory Laine Hugh / Headloss - Caravan
9 Ejection (Single Version) - Robert Calvert
10 Back Into the Future - Man
11 Drowning Man - Greenslade
12 The Void - Darryl Way's Wolf
13 Wind of Change - Badger
14 Classical Gas - Beggars Opera

Disc 2
1 Untitled No. 1 - John Lees
2 Father of Day, Father of Night - Manfred Mann's Earthband
3 Song - Jonesy
4 Hurricane Man / Rock N' Roller - Edgar Broughton Band
5 Hard Time - Rare Bird
6 Good Day - Nektar
7 Parents - Budgie
8 Orgone Accumulator - Hawkwind
9 Street Urchin - Pink Fairies
10 Wheel of Fortune - Badger
11 Dreams By the Sea - John Martyn
12 Armin - Curved Air

Disc 3
1 Time Captives - Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
2 Terminal Eyes (Single Version) - Al Stewart
3 L'auberge Du Sanglier/A Hunting We Shall Go/Pengola/Backwards/AHunting We Shall Go (Reprise) - Caravan
4 Flying Teapot - Gong
5 Fool's Gold - Hemlock
6 Metamorphosis - Curved Air
7 Photos of Ghosts - PFM
8 Never Let Go - Camel
9 Grand Hotel - Procol Harum
10 Still - Pete Sinfield
11 Never Let Go - Camel
12 Starship Trooper (Live) - Yes

Disc 4
1 Move It (Single Version) - Stray
2 The Furthest Point - Spirogyra
3 Spirit of Joy - Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
4 Nostradamus - Al Stewart
5 Silver Song (1973 Single Version) - Anthony Phillips
6 It Has to Be - Help Yourself
7 The Night People - Pete Sinfield
8 Upon Tomorrow - Tempest
9 Shouting in a Bucket Blues - Kevin Ayers
10 Bedside Manners Are Extra - Greenslade
11 Ashes Are Burning - Renaissance

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