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Various - Still in a Dream: Story of Shoegaze 1988-1995 (LP)

Various - Still in a Dream: Story of Shoegaze 1988-1995 (LP)

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Sealed. Double vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve.

Shoegaze was a term invented circa 1990 to describe a new breed on UK Indie guitar bands inspired by the likes of 4AD Records, My Bloody Valentine and US acts like Sonic Youth.

Issued in early 2016, the critically-acclaimed 5-CD box set Still In A Dream paid tribute to that seminal period with numerous classics, cult favorites, rarities and tracks new to CD.

Although Shoegaze was initially a derogatory term to pigeonhole a clutch of new acts, the term quickly evolved to become an accepted genre of music which has influenced successive generations of bands, especially those outside of the UK.

Still In A Dream is now reissued on vinyl as a deluxe, gatefold sleeved double-LP edition, including many of the key tracks from the box set. This is a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Side one acknowledges the '80s independent acts who helped inspire Shoegaze - The Cocteau Twins, The House Of Love, Spacemen 3. Side Two includes some of the genre-defining acts from the start of the 1990s: Slowdive, Lush and The Telescopes. Sides three and four demonstrate the breadth of talent which followed, including acts from America.

LP 1 / Side 1
1 Cherry-Coloured Funk - the Cocteau Twins
2 Christine - the House of Love
3 Hypnotized - Spacemen 3
4 Puppet Clouds - the Prayers
5 Sight of You - Pale Saints

LP 1 / Side 2
1 Precious Little - the Telescopes
2 De-Luxe - Lush
3 Crystal Eyes - the Nightblooms
4 Slowdive - Slowdive
5 Liar - the Charlottes
6 Somersault Sunrise - Blow-Up

LP 2 / Side 1
1 Gravity - Moonshake
2 Gong - the Hinnies
3 Closer - the Sunflowers
4 Mirrored - Drop
5 In Hollow - the Belltower

LP 2 / Side 2
1 Phonefreak Honey - Sweet Jesus
2 I Don't Mind - Sun Dial
3 Lovesliescrushing - Babysbreath
4 Surround Sound - Spindrift
5 Dozen - Alison's Halo

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