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Various - Sarah Records: 4 Band Compilation (LP)

Various - Sarah Records: 4 Band Compilation (LP)

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In celebration of the recent flurry of interest regarding the SARAH RECORDS re-issues on EMOTIONAL RESPONSE, it was decided by the bands involved to also present NEW material alongside the original Sarah recordings. This album features new and previously unreleased tracks by all four bands, and proudly sports the original "Sarah" logo, with the lettering cheekily changed to spell out "punk". Because, as you probably know, there were very few labels in the era of Sarah that stuck so steadfastly to their punk-rock principles! This album serves as a reminder that some bands of the Sarah Era also stuck steadfastly to their DIY principles, whilst continuing to move forward and make new music.

1 Even As We Speak - Stay with Me
2 Secret Shine - Only
3 Boyracer - Raison Detre
4 Action Painting! - Clear History
5 Even As We Speak - Football Star
6 Secret Shine - Each to the Other
7 Boyracer - Tally Ho
8 Action Painting! - a Year with No Head

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