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Various - Punks in Peoria (LP)

Various - Punks in Peoria (LP)

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Sealed. Limited orange colored vinyl LP pressing. Includes poster.

14-song document of the DIY punk/alternative scene in Peoria, Illinois, from it's hardcore roots in the early 1980s through the late '90s. The album highlights out-of-print punk rock anthems, unreleased demos and rare studio tracks alongside extensive liner notes, photos and a scene poster. This compilation is the companion soundtrack to the book Punks In Peoria: Making A Scene In The American Heartland by Jonathan Wright and Dawson Barrett, published by University of Illinois Press.

Side A
1 Electric Cool-Aid - Living in Peoria
2 Chips Patroll - Sick of the 60's
3 Constant Vomit - McMassmurder
4 Bloody Mess & Hate - Spit on My Face
5 Caustic Defiance - One Million Stares
6 Daed Kcis - Ghost Story Lane
7 All Desires - Alone Atop a Cliff By the Sea
8 Dollface - Deep
9 Bloody Mess & the Skabs - Empty

Side B
1 Nora Hate - Psychic Man
2 Fast Food Revolution - Treat Her Right
3 The Neptunes - Alpha Wave Surfing
4 Dismiss - I Want My Letters Back
5 Subsist - Glass Eye

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