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Various - Peephole In My Brain: British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1971 (CD)

Various - Peephole In My Brain: British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1971 (CD)

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Three CD set. 1971 stands as an odd, rather surreal year in British pop history: while American soft-rockers and singer-songwriters were dominating the album charts, the year in which the country ch-ch-changed over to decimal currency saw the homegrown pop/rock scene becoming increasingly eccentric. Peephole In My Brain documents the progressive-pop sounds of the year as the underground rock scene crossed over to the mainstream. Our 71 tracks from '71 include major hits for the likes of Curved Air, Atomic Rooster and John Kongos as well as a selection of key album cuts from Procol Harum, ELP, Magna Carta, Barclay James Harvest, Cressida, Help Yourself, Legend and many others. We also include tracks that were first issued in 1971 but which would only make a mark later on: Status Quo would have to wait a while for 'Mean Girl' to hit the charts, Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs would find success twelve months later when 'Sea Side Shuffle' was reissued, and the Curtiss Maldoon album track 'Sepheryn' would be discovered more than twenty years later by Madonna, who used it as the basis for 'Ray Of Light'. We disinter bona fide classic 45s from Kevin Ayers, Medicine Head, Wishful Thinking and The Move along with the song that Bowie wrote for his old friend Dana Gillespie, a clutch of righteously obscure but fascinating singles, a handful of essential singer/songwriter cuts and a raft of unissued-at-the-time nuggets from bands who existed outside of the major label pop bubble. Featuring a 40-page booklet crammed with rare illustrations and the stories behind the songs, Peephole In My Brain is an essential addition to Grapefruit's acclaimed year-by-year series of late Sixties/early Seventies British rock and pop.

Disc 1
1 Andy Warhol (Original 1971 Demo Album Version) - Dana Gillespie
2 Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes - Kevin Ayers
3 Hey Willy - the Hollies
4 Mr. Middleton's Lament - Corn & Seed Merchants
5 Dearest Eloise - Stray
6 Deborah - Help Yourself
7 Dora, the Female Explorer - Stackridge
8 Ursula (The Swansea Song) - Barclay James Harvest
9 More Rain - Samurai
10 Goodbye Post Office Tower Goodbye - Cressida
11 Tonight - the Move
12 Down Smokey Lane - Fickle Pickle
13 Woman - Shape of the Rain
14 Going Back Home - Unicorn
15 Castle on the Hill - the Factory
16 Time for the Leaving - Magna Carta
17 I Feel Like Sleeping - Legend
18 Indian Queens - Michael Chapman
19 Hotel Room - Edgar Broughton Band
20 Safari - Peter Cowap
21 Jennifer - Cliff Wade
22 Old People's Home - Deep Feeling
23 Hiroshima - Wishful Thinking

Disc 2
1 Sugar Sugar - Sakkarin
2 Backstreet Luv - Curved Air
3 Memorial Drive - Procol Harum
4 Oh Carol I'm So Sad - Rockin' Horse
5 To Each and Everyone - Gerry Rafferty
6 Caroline Goodbye - Colin Blunstone
7 Maisie Jones - Nimbo
8 Hangin' on An Eyelid - Second Hand
9 I Was Fooling - Zior
10 Mrs. Speed - Fusion Farm
11 Waterwheel - Open Road
12 Anniversary - Ray Fenwick
13 Mister Westwood - Pluto
14 Frightened - Bear Foot
15 Weather or Not - Bronx Cheer
16 Talking to the Flowers - Rick Price
17 Ferris Street - Beau
18 Southbound Lane - Brett Marvin & the Thunderbolts
19 The Flying Machines - Don Crown & His Busking Budgies
20 Billy's Gotta Run - the Doggs
21 Love's a Way - Bill Nelson
22 While the Sun Still Shnes - Fields
23 The Saddest Day of My Life - Nirvana
24 Are You Ready Eddy? - Emerson Lake & Palmer

Disc 3
1 Mean Girl (Early Mix) - Status Quo
2 Devil's Answer (Single Version) - Atomic Rooster
3 Rock'n'roll Wedding - Sweeny Bean
4 (And the) Pictures in the Sky - Medicine Head
5 God's Children - the Kinks
6 This Time Tomorrow - Airbus
7 Summer - Octopus
8 Sepheryn - Curtiss Maldoon
9 I Don't Care - Blonde on Blonde
10 Sunlight Gate - Pete Atkin
11 Dangling in the Cool* - Montage
12 Tokoloshe Man (Single Edit) - John Kongos
13 Strange Locomotion - Siren
14 Mister Ten Per Cent - the Red Sox
15 Where I Belong - Knocker Jungle
16 It Don't Come Easy - Wil Malone
17 Eternal Messenger (Single Version) - Kingdom Come
18 Encounter - Edwards Hand
19 So Be It - Lifeblud
20 Grandfather - Dear Mr. Time
21 Hobo - Bullet
22 Turning Green (Album Version) - Jackie McAuley
23 Sea Side Shuffle - Terry Dactyl & the Dinosaurs
24 Bill Bailey - Phase 3

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