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Various - Once Upon A Time In The West Midlands: Bostin' Sounds Of Brumrock 1966-1974 (CD)

Various - Once Upon A Time In The West Midlands: Bostin' Sounds Of Brumrock 1966-1974 (CD)

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A 3-CD, four-hour celebration of the post-Brumbeat late '60s/early '70s rock scene in the West Midlands. Tracing the evolution and development of that scene as local musicians embarked on an epic journey that embraced mod pop, psychedelia, blues, progressive rock, glam-rock and heavy metal, inspired by the emergence of chief catalysts The Move. Revolving around the area's big hitters, with key selections from The Move, The Moody Blues, The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, The Idle Race, Slade, The Electric Light Orchestra, Roy Wood and Wizzard, Judas Priest and others. When the beat/R&B explosion died out around 1965, so did the influence of cities like Liverpool and Manchester. However, the live scene in Birmingham and surrounding towns went from strength to strength. By the end of the decade, the West Midlands had become the smelting house of the nascent hard rock/metal revolution. Including a bunch of classic cult 45s (The Craig, Locomotive, Medicine Head, The Ghost) and essential cuts from enduring local legends like Steve Gibbons and his band The Ugly's, Denny Laine, The Montanas and Jimmy Powell. Also featuring several previously unreleased tracks, including music from post-World Of Oz outfit Kansas Hook, Big Bertha, Cathedral and the first-ever recording (made in 1967) to feature future Magnum vocalist Bob Catley.

Disc 1
1 I Must Be Mad - Craig
2 Security (Extended Version) - the 'N Betweens
3 Rescue Me - Doc Thomas Group
4 Life's Not Life - the Moody Blues 5 Let Me Get By - the Bobcats
5 6 Chicken George - Deep Feeling 7 on the Beach - the Extreem
6 Baby Get Your Head Screwed on -Double Feature
7 I Can Hear the Grass Grow - the Move
8 Say You Don't Mind - Denny Laine
9 On Time - Capitol Systems
10 Imposters of Life's Magazine -The Idle Race
11 No Face, No Name, No Number -Traffic
12 Moonshine - the Spencer Davis Group
13 Yellow Rainbow - the Rockin' Berries
14 Don't Leave Me in the Dark -Young Blood
15 An Apple a Day - the U-No-Who
16 Nsu - Ideal Milk
17 Trouble in the Air - Ace Kefford
18 When the Train Comes Back -Chicken Shack
19 I Know What Her Name Is (Demo Version) - Simon's Secrets
20 Cherry Wood Green - Just William
21 Baby I Need You - Giorgio & Marco's Men
22 Yellow Cave Woman - Velvett Fogg
23 Mr Armageddon (Single Version) - the Locomotive
24 I've Seen the Light - the Ugly's

Disc 2
1 Daughter of the Sun - the Ace
2 Kefford Stand Roundabout - the Montanas
3 Like a Tear - World of Oz
4 Don't Torture Your Mind - the Exception
5 Masochists of Strangulation -Jardine
6 Boredom - Tea & Symphony
7 The Journey - Gordon Jackson 8 Big Bear Ffolly - Bakerloo
8 Candy - Cinnamon Quill
9 Like Uncle Charlie - the Climax
10 Chicago Blues Band
11 Imaginations - Revolver
12 You've Got Your Troubles - the Californians
13 His Guiding Hand (Single Version)- Medicine Head
14 Goodbye Mary - Paradox
15 A Modern Day Fairy Tale -Galliard
16 It's a Hard Way - Cathedral* 17 Suicide - Trapeze
17 Dance in the Smoke - Kansas Hook
18 Ballad of Marmalade Emma and Teddy Grimes - Hard Meat
19 Donna - Bachdenkel
20 When You're Dead - the Ghost
21 Time of the Season - Big Bertha

Disc 3
1 She Said Yes - Fable
2 Lamp Lighter Man - Sheridan & Price
3 One Way Hotel - Slade
4 We're Gonna Change All This -Fred's Box*
5 Reminiscing - Luv Machine
6 People - Salamander
7 Brown Girl - Steve Gibbons
8 Ill Wind - Dave Morgan
9 Shadow Bright - Ptolomy Psycon
10 Omnibus - Mail
11 Disheartened and Disillusioned- Possessed
12 Talking Progressive Blues -Jimmy Powell
13 Eve - Jim Capaldi
14 Dear Elaine - Roy Wood
15 Ball Park Incident - Wizzard
16 Roll Over Beethoven (Album
17 Version) - the Electric Light Orchestra
18 Circus - Fairfield Ski
19 Just a Day - Ironbridge
20 The Beast (2021 Remix) - Bedlam
21 Rocka Rolla - Judas Priest
22 Bye Bye Birmingham - Blackfoot Sue

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