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Various - March Of The Flower Children: The American Sounds Of 1967 (CD)

Various - March Of The Flower Children: The American Sounds Of 1967 (CD)

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Sealed. Three CD set.

A four-hour overview of the American music scene in 1967. A dazzling cornucopia of psychedelia, garage punk, folk-rock and sunshine pop that acted as the soundtrack to the Summer of Love (US division). By 1967, rock's eternally restless spirit had moved on from Liverpool, the British Invasion and Swinging London and found a new place to dwell. The scene's new creative epicentre was San Francisco, from whence the underground's tentacles spread throughout the nation and beyond as flower-power erupted into full and glorious bloom. Over three CDs and four hours of music, 'March Of The Flower Children' anthologizes the sounds of American rock and pop during a year that would become enshrined in the history books as the Summer of Love. New names - The Grateful Dead, Moby Grape, Vanilla Fudge, Strawberry Alarm Clock - are joined by established hit-makers (The Monkees, The Byrds, Lovin' Spoonful, etc), an emerging breed of singer/songwriter (Tim Rose, Tim Buckley) and a handful of older acts adopting a voguishly flowery sheen (Tommy Roe, the Everly Brothers, Jan & Dean). Among such a beatific scene, we also find space for not-so-merry pranksters like The Velvet Underground, The Mothers Of Invention and Captain Beefheart, all of whom had little in common with the peace 'n' love vibe surrounding them. Featuring hits, misses, key album tracks and a whole host of hugely collectable one-off local 45 nuggets, 'March Of The Flower Children' - housed in a clamshell box with accompanying 48-page booklet - is a fascinating aural and visual document of this most pivotal of pop-culture years.

Disc 1
1 It's a Happening Thing - the Peanut Butter Conspiracy
2 !Que Vida! - Love
3 She Hangs Out - the Monkees
4 Mr. Unreliable (Single Version) - the Cryan' Shames
5 Morning Dew - Tim Rose
6 Strange Mysterious Sounds - the Spike Drivers
7 Pipe Dream - Blues Magoos
8 No Time Like the Right Time - the Blues Project
9 Merry-Go-Round - the Youngbloods
10 Strangers from the Sky - Kim Fowley
11 Love Comes, Love Dies - the Troyes
12 Boil the Kettle, Mother - the Id
13 Help, Murder, Police - Thursday's Children
14 Two Days 'Til Tomorrow (Single Edit) - the Beau Brummels
15 Respect - the Vagrants
16 The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) - the Grateful Dead
17 Hey, Hey - the Sound Barrier
18 Him or Me - What's It Gonna Be? - Paul Revere & the Raiders
19 Six O'Clock - the Lovin' Spoonful
20 Groovin' (Single Version) - the Young Rascals
21 Come to the Sunshine - Harpers Bizarre
22 Why Don't You Do Me Right - the Mothers of Invention
23 Transparent Day (Single Mix) -The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
24 No More - the Morning Dew
25 Egyptian Gardens - the Kaleidoscope
26 You Can Live in Our Tree - the Blue Things
27 Can't Put a Thing Over Me - Eternity's Children
28 Optical Sound (Promo Version) - the Human Expression
29 House of Painted Glass - the Sandals
30 Rest in Peace (Single Edit) - Chad & Jeremy

Disc 2
1 Aries - the Zodiac
2 You Keep Me Hangin' on - Vanilla Fudge
3 Hideaway - the Electric Prunes
4 Hurricane Fighter Plane - the Red Crayola
5 Fall on You - Moby Grape
6 Evergreen Part One - the Stone Poneys
7 March of the Flower Children (Single Version) - the Seeds
8 Lady Friend - the Byrds
9 I Talk to the Sun - the Rare Breed
10 That's How It Will Be - the Liberty Bell
11 Going Home - NGC-4594
12 It's a Happening World - the Tokens
13 It's a Lazy Summer Day - the Peppermint Trolley Company
14 Penny Arcade - the Cyrkle
15 Mary Jane - the Everly Brothers
16 Parade of Uncertainty - the Raggamuffins
17 I Live in the Springtime ('Drum' Version) - the Lemon Drops
18 Morning Glory - Tim Buckley
19 Little Toy - the Unforscene
20 She's Got the Magic - the Parade
21 Next Plane to London - the Rose Garden
22 Electricity - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
23 The Expectation - Dutch Masters
24 Gonna Send You Back to Your Mother - the Endd
25 God Is Alive in Argentina - the Doppler Effect
26 Paisley Dreams - Tommy Roe
27 Pammie's on a Bummer - Sonny

Disc 3
1 A Question of Temperature - the Balloon Farm
2 I'm the Kind of Guy - Richard Pash & the Back Door Society
3 3No One Was There - the Gates of Eden
4 She Laughed Loud - the Merry-Go-Round
5 Bluebird - Buffalo Springfield
6 The Proper Ornaments (Single Mix) - the Free Design
7 1941 - Nilsson
8 Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow - Strawberry Alarm Clock
9 East River Lovers - Culver Street Playground
10 The Ostrich (Single Version) - Steppenwolf
11 Foreverlasting Plastic Words - Lost & Found
12 She Lives (In a Time of Her Own) - the 13th Floor Elevators
13 Flying on the Ground - Summer Snow
14 I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight - Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart
15 Love and Hate - Jan & Dean
16 Not This Time - the Jackson Investment Co
17 Lazy - Georgy & the Velvet Illusions
18 Echoes of Time - Lemon Fog
19 Astrologically Incompatible - the Bonniwell Music Machine
20 Lila - Fapardokly
21 Sand - Clear Light
22 White Light/White Heat - the Velvet Underground
23 Mirror of Yesterday - the Zakary Thaks
24 Time Has Come Today - the Chambers Brothers
25 Time Goes Backwards - Jim & Jean
26 Another Time - Sagittarius
27 A Moment of Being with You - the Critters
28 Just Dropped in (To See What Condition My Condition Was in) - the First Edition

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