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Various - High In The Morning: British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1973 (CD)

Various - High In The Morning: British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1973 (CD)

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Three CD set. 2022 instalment of Grapefruit's popular year-by-year overviews of the more melodic end of the early 70s UK progressive rock scene. A four-hour compilation featuring big hits, key album tracks, cult classics and rarities from 1973. 1973 was another significant year in British pop, with the recent arrival of glam inspiring many underground bands to adopt a more streamlined sound. That more song-based approach helped give the 1973 singles chart a new energy, with memorable 45s from Mott The Hoople, Manfred Mann's Earthband, Faces, Status Quo, Medicine Head and Nazareth. Though they fell short of the charts, some of the era's more idiosyncratic singer-songwriter talents - Kevin Ayers, Al Stewart, Kevin Coyne - also issued much-loved, radio-friendly singles. On the live circuit, the UK free festival scene was dominated by a new hippie/glam/space rock convergence, with brand leaders Hawkwind joined by the likes of The Pink Fairies and Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come. Featuring all of the above names as well as Thin Lizzy, The Kinks, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Caravan, Procol Harum, Stealers Wheel, Roy Wood, Rare Bird, Badfinger, Free, Family and many others, 'High In The Morning' is a fascinating three-CD, four-hour appraisal of the 1973 British rock and pop scene. Housed in a clamshell box that features a classic crowd shot from that year's Windsor free festival, 'High In The Morning' includes a 48-page booklet that's packed with rare photos, quotes and biographical information.

Disc 1
1 All the Way from Memphis (Album Version) - Mott the Hoople
2 Joybringer - Manfred Mann's Earthband
3 Surprise, Surprise - Caravan
4 Marlene - Kevin Coyne
5 The Sergeant Says - Spirogyra
6 Wildfire - Rococo
7 Medusa - Dr. Marigold's
8 Randolph's Tango - Thin Lizzy
9 A Rum Tale - Procol Harum
10 Terminal Eyes- Al Stewart
11 An Appointment with the Master (Single Version) - Bachdenkel
12 Star - Stealers Wheel
13 Ragged Rain Life - Duncan Browne
14 High in the Morning - Rare Bird
15 Birdman - Joe Soap
16 Urban Guerrilla - Hawkwind
17 Love Is Easy - Badfinger
18 Mr. Custer - Paul Brett
19 All the Fallen Teen Angels - Mouse
20 Towers - Mick Audsley
21 Too Hot to Handle (Alternative Early Mix) - Ducks Deluxe
22 Pick Up the Phone - Patto

Disc 2
1 Do the Strand - Roxy Music
2 Caribbean Moon - Kevin Ayers
3 (I Don't Wanna Love You) But You Got Me Anyway - Sutherland Brothers and Quiver
4 Travellin' in Style - Free
5 Pale Green Vauxhall Driving Man - Prowler
6 Running Away - Duffy
7 Showdown - England's Glory
8 On the Frontier - Shoot
9 Caroline (Album Version) - Status Quo
10 The Award - Fantasy
11 Temple Song - Greenslade
12 Orange Song - Rupert Hine
13 Rising Sun - Medicine Head
14 Dreams (Story of Our Time/Beneath This Sky) - Ithaca
15 Hold on to Your Fire - Libido
16 Sweet Desiree - Family
17 Legal Eagle Shuffle - the Spencer Davis Group
18 Come Alive (Aka Slow Rock) - Kingdom Come
19 City Kids - Pink Fairies
20 Dirty Dick - Streak
21 Buffalo (Full-Length Version) - Writing on the Wall

Disc 3
1 Swampsnake - Sensational Alex Harvey Band
2 Broken Down Angel - Nazareth
3 16 and Savaged - Silverhead
4 Man from Galilee - Fairfield Ski
5 Girl Said to Me - Liverpool Echo
6 Always - the Big Three
7 Fool's Gold - Hemlock
8 Pool Hall Richard - Faces
9 Gold Medallions - Tucky Buzzard
10 World - Curved Air
11 Moving Moor - Complex
12 English Morning - Jade Warrior
13 I Don't Need Nobody - Shape of the Rain
14 Not Fade Away - Frank White
15 Forever - Roy Wood
16 I'll Always Be Your Friend - Byzantium
17 Out on the Road - Patrick Campbell-Lyons
18 Bank Holiday - Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts
19 Sitting in the Midday Sun - the Kinks
20 I'm Gonna Get You - Reform
21 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Album Version) - Bryan Ferry
22 Do the Stanley - Stackridge

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